Cupid-Approved: America’s Most Romantic Neighborhoods


	Georgetown, Washington, DC

Georgetown, Washington, DC

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Jul 8, 2013 —  Romance is in the air when summer rolls around. Ladies and gents of all types find themselves in summertime flings, in the midst of first loves, or forming bonds that might one day lead to wedding bells. 

American lovebirds of all colors have a handful of romantic neighborhoods in which to further explore budding relationships. These Cupid-approved hoods are jam-packed with charming street corners, romantically lit eateries, and dreamy walks in the park.

Boston’s North End – the city’s Little Italy – is the perfect place for one to take his or her best guy or gal out for a night full of wine, tasty food, and memorable moments. The area is not only lined with some of the finest, most authentic Italian restaurants in the whole country, but includes serene spots like Christopher Columbus Park, where countless wedding parties stop to take pictures.

Three thousand miles across the country, Malibu offers picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean that even the juiciest romance novels can’t replicate. Located north of Los Angeles, the beachy region boasts beautiful nature trails through the Santa Monica Mountains, savory seafood spots along the waterfront, and eye-catching architecture at venues like The J. Paul Getty Villa; all of which are sure to aid in making a good date great.

While romance can happen anywhere at any time, the odds of something more meaningful happening in these amorous American areas are far better than other locales.

  • Pacific Heights

    San Francisco

    Pacific Heights, San Francisco.
  • North End


    North End, Boston.
  • Tribeca

    New York

    Tribeca, New York.
  • Malibu

    Los Angeles

    Malibu, Los Angeles.
  • Georgetown

    Washington, DC

    Georgetown, Washington, DC.

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