Culture Shock: Ways of Life in Worldwide Neighborhoods


	Kreuzberg/Neukölln, Berlin

Kreuzberg/Neukölln, Berlin

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Jun 14, 2013 —  The world is chock-full of an eclectic, varying assortment of culture. However, there are certain global neighborhoods that are more packed with a combination of history and evolution than others.

For example, Castro in San Francisco is now synonymous with the city’s gay community, but past civil rights struggles that were necessary to make this happen still linger today. Nonetheless, denizens of all kinds get caught up in the year-round festive atmosphere at the multitude of LGBT-friendly bars, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Nestled between Downtown and Kenmore, Boston’s Back Bay boasts an old-world charm, highlighted by its gorgeous Victorian-era brownstones. Young professionals from swanky high rises breathe new life into the area that includes landmarks like Trinity Church (founded in 1733) and Boston Public Library (1848).

Across the pond, locals in London’s Brixton head to traditional, budget-friendly trading posts like Brixton Market before celebrating the hood’s diversity at some of the city’s best African and Caribbean restaurants. Meanwhile, Amsterdam denizens in Weeserplain can enjoy a more traditional definition of culture as they take in the vast collection of anthropological objects at the Tropenmuseum. Those who prefer current counterculture, however, can head to the nearby Tattoo Museum.

Planet Earth is home to more than seven billion people who are responsible for the formation of culture in metropolises, small towns, and everywhere in between. Don’t miss out on these society sweet spots!

  • Back Bay


    Back Bay, Boston.
  • River North


    River North, Chicago.
  • Williamsburg

    New York

    Williamsburg, New York.
  • Culver City

    Los Angeles

    Culver City, Los Angeles.
  • Castro

    San Francisco

    Castro, San Francisco.
  • Weesperplein


    Weesperplein, Amsterdam.
  • Les Halles / Rivoli - 1er / 2eme


    Les Halles / Rivoli - 1er / 2eme, Paris.
  • Brixton


    People gather outside the doors of White Horse in Brixton, London.
  • La Latina / Lavapiés


    La Latina / Lavapiés, Madrid.
  • Kreuzberg / Neukölln


    Kreuzberg / Neukölln, Berlin.

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