Best Summer Festivals Around the Globe

Best Summer Festivals Around the Globe

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Jun 23, 2012 —  After years of scientific observation, it has been unequivocally deduced that come summer, a code in our DNA tells us to escape reality, congregate in hordes, and partake in ungovernable madness for short periods of time. Or at least that seems to be the only way to explain the fact that every summer, the top festivals around the world attract unimaginable crowds with a reputation for mass debauchery, epic music line-ups, and unique culture.

Sometimes, that getaway comes in the form of a 500 year old tradition in a tiny Spanish town with a million others who are all dressed identically and looking for the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.

While other times it’s about music lovers far and wide spending one weekend a year in a palm-tree laden dreamland outside of Los Angeles, listening to the best music in the world alongside celebrities and rave-heads and acid-dropping hippies alike.

Below are five of the best summer festivals where you can, and are highly encouraged to, let loose, see something new, act like an idiot, kiss a stranger, and indulge in whatever other behaviors you’d like while you reject the cage of society – if only for a couple of days.

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    Running of the Bulls

    Festival July 7–14

    Pamplona: The Running of the Bulls Plaza de Toros
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    Music Festival Every year in August

    Lollapalooza - Music Festival in Chicago.
    Chicago Grant Park / Millennium Park

    Between South Michigan Avenue to Lake Michigan and East Roosevelt Road to East Randolph Street.


  • 3

    Wireless Festival

    Music Festival Every year in July

    Wireless Festival - Music Festival in London.
    London Finsbury Park

    Endymion Rd.
    London N4

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    Rock en Seine

    Music Festival Every year on the last weekend in August

    Rock en Seine - Music Festival in Paris.
    Paris Domaine National de Saint-Cloud

    92210 Paris

    01 41 12 02 90

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    Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival

    Arts Festival / Food & Drink Event / Music Festival / Wine Festival Every year in August

    Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival - Arts Festival | Food & Drink Event | Music Festival | Wine Festival in San Francisco.
    San Francisco Golden Gate Park

    Between Stanyan Street to the east
    and Great Highway to the west,
    and Fulton Street to the north
    and Lincoln Way to the south
    San Francisco, CA 94118


User Comments

Anonymous Aug 16, 2012
There is only one festival where you run the risk of death. And that mere fact puts the Running of the Bulls head and shoulders above all other summer festivals. Nothing wrong with Lollapolooza but in my view this should be a list of one.
Anonymous Jul 30, 2012
Always wanted to go to Outside Lands but school always starts too soon after. And what about Tomorrowland? That's one of the biggest festivals in the world
Anonymous Jul 29, 2012
La Tomatina! Bring goggles. And clothes you DO NOT care about.
Matt Y. Jul 28, 2012
I've always wanted to run with the bulls. Or maybe just be one of the guys on the side cheering everyone else on.
Paula P. Jul 27, 2012
Isn't there some festival in spain where you throw tomatoes at each other? I'd go to that.
Sara G. Jul 26, 2012
I know it technically doesn't take place in the summer, but Coachella seems worthy of this list too, no?
Sam A. Jul 26, 2012
Nothing tops the Running of the Bulls --- an absolutely amazing experience. The Run is the greatest adrenaline rush of all time and the partying is non-stop. Put this festival on your bucket list.

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