Best Euro Hoods for Live Tunage


	Live concerts are the norm at 93 Feet East.

Live concerts are the norm at 93 Feet East. 

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Jul 30, 2013 —  There’s nothing wrong with occasionally pulling a Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Belting out tunes while dancing in your skivvies is fun. But as great as your voice may seem, sometimes it’s better to let the experts do the singing.

Amateur soloists who find themselves in Europe are in luck, because the continent is packed with neighborhoods that house an abundance of quality live music. All you have to do is throw some clothes on.

In London, Shoreditch is full of hipsters in skinny jeans who pack into live concert venues like Queen of Hoxton, Nightjar, Loungelover, Café 1001, and 93 East to hear both up-and-coming and established local acts. Similarly, musically-inclined Berliners flock to Kreuzberg/Neukölln. There, offbeat – but affable – denizens enjoy rock, punk, and indie tunes that blare from a variety of different bars, clubs, and more.

Amsterdam’s Leidseplein offers everything from low-key jazz bars to sweaty dance floors. Places like Paradiso – a multilevel music venue – lure big-name musicians, popular DJs, and raucous crowds that enjoy the beautiful setting and outgoing vibe.

Singing in your underwear is okay every now and then. But when you're in the best European neighborhoods for live music, it's better to hand the microphone over to the professionals.

  • Leidseplein


    Leidseplein, Amsterdam.
  • Shoreditch / Brick Lane


    Shoreditch / Brick Lane, London.
  • L'Eixample


    L'Eixample, Barcelona.
  • Kreuzberg / Neukölln


    Kreuzberg / Neukölln, Berlin.
  • Malasaña / Chueca


    Malasaña / Chueca, Madrid.
  • Bastille / Oberkampf - 11eme


    Bastille / Oberkampf - 11eme, Paris.

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