Best DJ Clubs on the Planet


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Best DJ Clubs on the Planet

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Jun 20, 2012 —  Imagine strolling down a derelict industrial corridor in Berlin and turning down a dirt driveway towards an abandoned power plant that could be straight out of the Chernobyl Diaries. You pass a bouncer and enter into a 1,500-person jungle of beauty and sweat as a world-class DJ spins and cold steam explodes into the screaming crowds while fluorescent spectacles of lasers dance under the gravity of black-lights.

For most people, it either sounds like a dream or a nightmare.

When it comes to nightlife, there­’s no scene more divided than the club scene. People love it or they hate it. But no matter where you stand, there’s nothing quite like the all-night ragers full of beautiful people and dirty dancing with heavy bass-lines that reverberate through their bodies; the kind of places where dazzling, glow-stick waving crowds with enlarged pupils keep the party going until sunrise.

And within the global meccas of DJ clubs, whether Ibiza or Los Angeles or Berlin, particular venues have risen above the rest with self-perpetuating legacies and decadent reputations that attract the top DJs year after year. And in an era where massive stadiums sell out when the world’s top electronic artists come to town, the clubs that can book them are the ones that keep their thrones.

Below are five DJ super-clubs that, for those who can pay or schmooze their way past the long lines, expensive covers, and selective bouncers (or who are simply patient), are guaranteed a wonderland of sight and sound. These places go the extra mile in delivering the most pulse-pounding, mind-boggling, eye-bulging dance experiences on the planet.

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    Space - Club in Ibiza.

    Carretera de Playa d’en Bossa
    07830 St Josep de sa Talaia

    971 396 793

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    Ministry of Sound


    Ministry of Sound - Club in London.

    103 Gaunt Street
    London, SE1 6DP


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    Webster Hall

    Bar / Club / Live Music Venue / Lounge

    Webster Hall - Bar | Club | Live Music Venue | Lounge in New York.
    New York

    125 East 11th Street
    New York, NY 10003


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    Club / Live Music Venue

    The crowd enjoys a DJ set at the Avalon in Hollywood.
    Los Angeles

    1735 Vine Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90028


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    Berghain / Panorama Bar


    Berghain / Panorama Bar - Club in Berlin.

    Am Wriezener Bahnhof 1
    10243 Berlin

    030 29360210

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What is Your Favorite Club?

PartyEarth Q. Sep 14, 2012
Test Best DJ Clubs on the Planet Test Best DJ Clubs on the Planet Test Best DJ Clubs on the Planet Test Best DJ Clubs on the Planet Test Best DJ Clubs on the Planet
Sam H. Sep 12, 2012
I would say XS in Las Vegas is a MUST for this list. I've been twice, and they always have killer DJs not to mention an indoor section, outdoor section with gondolas that serve as bottle service tables, a HUGE pool and another humungous bar. Even Tiesto says it's the best club in the world.
Anonymous Jul 27, 2012
Marquee in Las Vegas has jumped to the top my list as well, absolutely mesmerizing stage setup and outdoor patio, and constantly bringing in the best DJs in the world.
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
Ministry of Sound is going to be going off for the Olympics. I'm sure all the big DJs will be in London the next two weeks.
Anonymous Jul 26, 2012
Digweed crushed it at Avalon. Best set ever! I've never been to Berghain but have heard amazing things and am dying to go.
Sara G. Jul 26, 2012
Avalon is definitely at the top of the list in LA. Pacha in both Madrid and Ibiza are pretty awesome too.
Nisha S. Jul 26, 2012
Eric Prydz performed at the Ministry of Sound in April! His set was incredible and the crowd was loving it. Make your way to the VIP lounge area upstairs to get a great view of the stage!

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