America’s Most Posh Hoods


	Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills, CA

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Mar 26, 2013 —  Like the Spice Girls, neighborhoods in America can be grouped into five categories. A “Sporty” neighborhood is one where a famous stadium drives the economy/social scene; “Scary” neighborhoods are those you avoid after dark; “Baby” neighborhoods are up-and-coming locales; and “Ginger” communities are ho-hum hoods. “Posh” precincts, however, are unlike the rest.

A posh neighborhood is as iconic as the extravagant Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, where Aston Martins, Bugattis, and Bentleys roll down palm-tree lined streets, and locals rub shoulders with wealthy tourists at boutique shops on Rodeo Drive.

Similarly, New York City’s Upper East Side is home to top-tier professionals who don’t mind spending a little more dough at specialty shops and cafés on Madison and Lexington avenues. The East Coast also contains the swanky Beacon Hill in Boston, where the bar used for the exterior of Cheers resides, yet clientele similar to the show’s blue-collar characters are less likely to be found.

Opulent oases don’t only exist on America’s fine coasts, though. The Midwest boasts Chicago’s Gold Coast, full of traditional mansions and deluxe, modern high-rises, as well as some of the world’s finest steakhouses and restaurants.

While you might have your own favorite neighborhood – and Spice Girl – there’s no denying these posh places are some of the classiest on the globe.

  • Beacon Hill


    Beacon Hill, Boston.
  • Gold Coast


    Gold Coast, Chicago.
  • Beverly Hills

    Los Angeles

    People shopping in Beverly Hills.
  • Upper East Side

    New York

    Upper East Side, New York.
  • Pacific Heights

    San Francisco

    Pacific Heights, San Francisco.
  • Georgetown

    Washington, DC

    Georgetown, Washington, DC.

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