American Neighborhoods With the Best Barhoppability


	Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles

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Mar 13, 2013 —  The difference between “average” and “above average” is the same as the difference between going to one bar for a beer and barhopping until dawn. Conversely, the distinction between an “okay” neighborhood and an “awesome” hood is barhoppability (note: “Barhoppability” is the scientific term for how easily one can hop from one awesome bar to another).

America is full of lively districts with off-the-charts barhoppability. For example, Wrigleyville in Chicago offers Cubs fans dozens of pubs within walking distance of Wrigley Field to drink to the promise of next year as another season in a hundred-year-plus title drought flutters by.

Though college students and young professionals in Georgetown aren’t half as jaded as Cubs fans, they too reside in an area where they can down a couple of shots and a few beers before stumbling to another superb watering hole within a stone’s throw.

Meanwhile, in Boston’s endearing Back Bay – an area that was underwater pre-19th Century – mid-20s and 30-somethings drown in drink deals at numerous bars like The Pour House and Forum, which are within swimming distance of each other.

Remember, anyone can be average, but only inspired, above-average trailblazers have the gall to jump, skip, and swim from one bar to another (and then another) in a hood with ample barhoppability.

  • Downtown

    Los Angeles

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  • East Village

    New York

    East Village, New York.
  • Lakeview


    Lakeview, Chicago.
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    Washington, DC

    Georgetown, Washington, DC.
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    Mission, San Francisco.
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    Back Bay, Boston.

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