À Votre Santé! 8 French Bars That Are Cooler Than You

Experimental Cocktail Club

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Jul 25, 2012 —  Scholars suggest that you could spend a lifetime discovering all the art in France. Now we might not be museum curators, but we do know that the same thing could be said about the country’s bars. And with French culture being the definition of hip, what with their perfect fashion, the heady cinema, and all the hand-rolled cigarettes, you can bet that a majority of the watering holes breathe coolness like a fine wine – which there is also plenty of.

In Paris, there are bars of all sorts tucked into the nooks and crannies of the city, from classic wine bars where a beret is the de facto dress code to loud and rowdy expat bars full of English speakers and international travelers. And then there is the ritzy glamour of the bars on the French Riviera, where playboys and debutantes mingle along some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and you could easily meet your own prince charming (literally a prince, with a castle in wine country and his own coat of arms).

We love everything about the bars in France, which makes determining the coolest spots without hesitation harder than us deciding upon our favorite French actress – half say Brigitte Bardot, the others say Jeanne Moreau. Anyway, before the daydreams of Le Mépris kick in, make sure you get yourself to these incredibly cool French bars. 

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    Experimental Cocktail Club

    Cocktail Bar / Speakeasy

    Experimental Cocktail Club - Cocktail Bar | Speakeasy in Paris.

    37 Rue Saint-Sauveur
    75002 Paris

    01 45 08 88 09

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    Rosa Bonheur

    Bar / Café / Tavern

    Rosa Bonheur - Bar | Café | Tavern in Paris.

    Parc Buttes-Chaumont
    2 Allée de la Cascade
    75019 Paris

    01 42 00 00 45

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    Le Bar du Hôtel le Bristol

    Hotel Bar

    Le Bar du Hôtel le Bristol - Hotel Bar in Paris.

    Hôtel le Bristol, 112 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
    75008 Paris

    1 53 43 43 00

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    Le Sans Souci

    Café / Dive Bar

    Le Sans Souci - Café | Dive Bar in Paris.

    65 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle
    75009 Paris

    01 48 74 37 28

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    Prescription Cocktail Club

    Bar / Lounge / Speakeasy

    Prescription Cocktail Club - Bar | Lounge | Speakeasy in Paris.

    23 Rue Mazarine
    75006 Paris

    01 45 08 88 09

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    Happy Bar

    Hotel Bar / Lounge

    Happy Bar - Hotel Bar | Lounge in French Riviera.
    French Riviera

    Hi Hotel
    3 Avenue des Fleurs
    06000 Nice

    04 97 07 26 26

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    Tequila Bar

    Zapata - Tequila Bar in French Riviera.
    French Riviera

    Carrefour de la Nouvelle Orléans
    06160 Juan les Pins

    04 93 61 08 08

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    BC (Black Calvados)

    Bar / Lounge

    BC (Black Calvados) - Bar | Lounge in Paris.

    40 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie
    75008 Paris

    01 47 20 77 77

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User Comments

Gabe L. Aug 6, 2012
Experimental cocktail club was by far the coolest place I went out to in Paris. The place was almost impossible to find; it's an unmarked door with a little plaque next to it in what looks like an alleyway, but once the bouncer let us inside it was just so awesome. The crowd was very international, very chatty and friendly, and very well dressed. I got to talk to a fashion student from Egypt, a woman who worked at BBC, and a dude from Kenya. The drinks were unique, delicious, and beautiful. You can ask for drinks off the menu and the bartenders will give you a drink with a flaming lime on top of it. The highlight for me however were the DJs. The music itself was just calm background techno so that people can talk, but the DJs was this one hipster dude and this old woman who looked like an american colonist from the 1700s. I wish I was even remotely as cool as them.
Sandip S. Jul 30, 2012
If Chris Cornell decides to do something then it should be definitely worth something. I will move permanently to Paris if he can sing everyday at the BC. Latest entry into my bucket list = BC!
Sam A. Jul 30, 2012
I'm partial to BC. Definitely one of the coolest bars in Paris. Though the drinks at Prescription Cocktail Club and Experimental Cocktail Club are awesome!
Chad F. Jul 27, 2012
You're right...those bars are cooler than me. Especially BC.
Paul F. Jul 26, 2012
I think Experimental Cocktail Club in Paris may be the coolest bar in the world. The ones in London and New York are just not the same.

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