9 Amazing Entertainment Destinations

9 Amazing Entertainment Destinations

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Apr 13, 2017 —  With the arrival of a new year, people come up with all sorts of resolutions and new pointers are added to bucket lists. Although most of us fail to fulfil our respective resolutions, but then, the excitement in planning a year is simply unbeatable.

For those who have a strong wanderlust, the resolutions usually consist of travelling to far corners of the world and ticking places off a bucket list. Although not everyone can afford a world trip, but then, that does not stop us from checking out nearby cities and experiencing a different culture altogether.

Then there are those who would prefer staying at home and searching online for a list of the best online casino 2017 in order to keep their gambling passions intact. Since most people who are into online casino gaming would prefer winning more and getting richer, there are those who would still prefer travelling to far-off destinations. Partying till late has turned into a rage for the young generation and they would love to cover all the party capitals around the world.

1. Tel Aviv, Israel

Call for a vibrant and electrifying nightlife paired with the best music and beaches, Tel Aviv definitely promises to entertain. Known to be among the cities that never sleep, this place has people coming from all corners of the globe to party.

2. Mykonos, Greece

Known to be among the best hedonistic party places in Europe, Mykonos is certainly the party island of Europe. The parties start around afternoon and go on till the sun rises next day. August would be the best time of the year to check out this place and there are pubs that open 24x7.

3. Manchester, UK

This place receives approximately 120,000 visitors almost every weekend for the sole purpose of partying. This city has too many hotspots and parties always run till late. There are bands such as Smiths, which do live gigs frequently as Manchester happens to have an amazing live music scene.

4. Berlin, UK

The Germans surely love to party wild and Berlin happens to be the sanctum of mad parties in Europe. With clubs specialising in alternative, rock and EDM, there are lots of fetish clubs as well, which tourists can check out.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Simply known as the city that throws 24-hour long parties. Amsterdam’s party district goes by the name of Rembrandtplein known as the best haunts for party revellers. From high-society socialites to drag queens, Amsterdam certainly has the best party atmosphere in line with Berlin.

6. New York, USA

As Frank Sinatra said, “The city that never sleeps”, New York is the party capital of the USA. With a booming nightlife and elite crowd, the parties here are off the hook and go on all night.

7. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Enter the land of Samba, Brazil has a carnival atmosphere that no other city can ever beat. From beautiful women to sprawling beaches, good music and rich culture, Rio offers the best to everyone.

8. Las Vegas, USA

It would be a violation to not include Las Vegas in the list since it is the most prominent party destinations around the world. With booming casinos and celebrities walking around, this is one place, which boasts of the best nightlife.

9. Ibiza, Spain

Rated as the best party capital in the world, hands down, Ibiza has Privilege, which happens to be the biggest nightclub in the world. From dusk till dawn, the city runs wild and young.

All in all, there are lot more places that people can look forward to, but the places mentioned above are certainly not going to disappoint.

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