6 Tips For Successful Online Dating

6 Tips For Successful Online Dating


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Oct 20, 2016 —  So maybe you've been trying online dating for some time now, but you've not been able to get a single reply to your messages. Or maybe you've gotten a few replies, and that was just it.

The main reason why people don't find who they are looking for on online dating sites is that they often have the wrong perception of online dating. They think the rules of real world dating don't apply here. The truth is that they do.

Below are five tips that can guarantee more message replies, more profile views and even a possible date;

1. Choose the Right Dating Site

It is important to make a little research before choosing an online dating site. With so many dating sites available, you should have all the information you need before joining any dating site.

When comparing the best dating sites, you should take into consideration the audience that the site caters to, the membership plans it offers (free/paid) and the security and safety features that are enforced.

2. Use Real and High-Quality Pictures

When you meet someone in person for the first time, the first thing you take note of is how they look. The same thing happens on online dating sites as well.

If you want to succeed in online dating, you have to use clear and recent photos. If you can, try taking pictures without a hat, sunglasses or any other thing that may cover part of your face. When people on dating sites can't see your face clearly, they'll probably not want to give you their number.

3. Message People Who Want Someone Like You

Always keep in mind that online dating is not online shopping. Shopping involves picking whatever you like and making it your property, but online dating doesn't work that way. The person you choose must want you too.

To know if you're the kind of person they'll want to give a shot; you have to go through their profiles diligently and make an effort to view things from their perspective.

Most sites allow users make a short list of what they would want in a relationship or the kind of person they will like to go out with. Don't send messages to people when you are not a match. When you have in idea at least of what they want, then you can send a message.

4. Do Not Tease People You Do Not Know

You're reaching out to meet someone. This wouldn't be the best time to be rude. In fact, don't make bad jokes. If you cannot bring yourself to joke responsibly, then don't joke at all.

Giving people the impression that you are rude, arrogant and defensive will reduce your chances on an online dating site.

5. Ask the Right Questions

If you want to ask good questions, you need to read their profile properly. Develop personal interest by asking meaningful questions. When you ask questions about things that are clearly stated on the profile, you'll probably not get a positive response, and you may scare the person off.

6. Don't be a Stalker

No one likes a stalker. So when you wait for a reply, don't continuously check the individual's profile to find out if they logged in since when you sent a message. Don't brood over your sent mail folder and certainly; don't send a thousand messages.

These tips are going to help you meet real people and will help you to maximize the chances of finding the match that is right for you.

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