3 Fun Ways To Entertain Yourself At Boring Parties

3 Fun Ways To Entertain Yourself At Boring Parties


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Oct 1, 2015 —  There are few things worse than finding yourself stuck at a boring party, especially when leaving is not an option. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to keep yourself entertained when your host can't seem to rise to the occasion.

With your mobile phone, a bit of imagination and a dash of humor, you can make the time pass faster and may even be able to liven up the atmosphere in the process.

1.  Zone out And Play Progressive Slots Games On Your Mobile Phone

It's not necessarily your job to liven the party up, especially if you're surrounded by a bunch of people who are perfectly content in the dismal atmosphere. Sneak off into a quiet corner and visit Royal Vegas online casino to play some progressive slots games.

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2.  Become Someone You're Not

If you find yourself trapped in a room filled with dull people that you really don't know, create an amazing alter persona and live your character all night long. You can even adopt a funny, foreign accent and create a wild back story.  This will liven up conversations and keep your mind running. 

The more that people ask, the faster you'll have to think in order to come up with a response that supports your lies and doesn't contradict your back story. You can become royalty from a small, unknown country or third in line to the throne, a Russian ballet dancer, or an ice fisher back from a recent expedition.

If you've come with a date, keep your alter persona going all night long so that you can continue the fun when you get home and can enjoy a delightedly different twist with your romantic partner. If all else fails, there's always the option of sneaking away to play progressive slots.

3. Get Drunk And Dance Like No One's Watching

It never hurts to be the life of the party even if the party never actually livens up.  Enjoy yourself to the fullest. Imbibe, request different music, move furniture out of the way and do your best Elvis impersonation. If you're lucky, others will follow suit and your host will love you for it. 

It usually takes just one or two people with the right attitude to turn a boring party on its head and make it an event that people don't stop talking about for weeks.  If you're not lucky, you could end up with countless pictures of you on the web dancing like a madman and reeling drunk. If worse comes to worst, claim your wild side and tag yourself in these photos: #breakoutatboringparties! 

If you happen to be at a boring party at your boss' house, however, your best bet is to limit your alcohol intake, tap your foot sedately to the outdated music and sneak off when you can to win money at Royal Vegas. No one can fault you for that.

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