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Vondelpark Vondelpark is a 120-acre park offering a pleasant change of scenery from the coffeeshops and canals and a chance to enjoy the sun reflecting off the tiny scattered ponds. Amsterdam Holland 52.356548346906 4.86587047576904
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Vondelpark - Culture | Outdoor Activity | Park in Amsterdam.
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Party Earth Review Vondelpark is a 120-acre park offering a pleasant change of scenery from the coffeeshops and canals and a chance to enjoy the sun reflecting off the tiny scattered ponds. Designed in the mid-1800s by the same architect... ... read full review

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Party Earth Vondelpark Review

The Scene

Vondelpark is a 120-acre park offering a pleasant change of scenery from the coffeeshops and canals and a chance to enjoy the sun reflecting off the tiny scattered ponds.

Vondelpark is a 120-acre park offering a pleasant change of scenery from the coffeeshops and canals and a chance to enjoy the sun reflecting off the tiny scattered ponds.

Designed in the mid-1800s by the same architect who created the world’s largest tulip field, the Keukenhof, Vondelpark features lakes, rose gardens, playgrounds, wildlife, and serene paths perfect for lazy afternoon strolls.

Many young locals take advantage of the city’s most centrally-located and popular park, and on weekends the place is packed with sunbathers, bikers, and rollerbladers.

Live music and theater performances are often afoot on Saturdays and Sundays, so those in need of a little down time should check out what Vondelpark has to offer.

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Tip from Emma:

Pick up a bottle of wine, gourmet olives, and some Gouda cheese and spend a few hours relaxing. But don’t just plop down on the first patch of green you see – be sure to wander deep into the park where all the best spots are. It’s really easy to meet other young people here, too.

  • Crowd

    Large groups of young people and city folk, from intellectuals and hippies to the hip and trendy.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Occasional live performances at the Openluchttheater in the park (www.openluchttheater.nl). On the right, a little past the park’s main entrance, is the Filmmuseum, which shows a number of classic and contemporary films.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    There are four cafés in Vondelpark. Café Vertigo is connected to the Filmmuseum, ‘t Blauwe Theehuis is in the middle of the park, and De Vondeltuin is near the park’s south end. In the middle of the park is De Groot Melkhuis, a more family-oriented, Bavarian-style grand café.

    Cafés are open from about 10am to midnight.

  • Prices

    Café snacks and lunches €5+, dinners €10+. Beer €2.30, wine €3, mixed drinks €6.50, coffee and tea €2.

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  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Nice days and early evenings.

  • Close By

    Between Leidseplein and Vondelpark’s main entrance is Max Euweplein Square, a small open area surrounded by shops and cafés like Hard Rock Café, Wagamama wok restaurant, and a Holland Casino. There’s also an oversized chessboard where spectators can wait in line to play or just hang out and watch as people go head to head.

Vondelpark User Reviews

Average rating:
Bring your picknick, and enjoy the good vibes of this park
Martin R. Jul 24, 2013
Is the biggest park in amsterdam, where a lot of people gather for different events, sports, music, a great variety of people converge here. its a great park. full of young people from all around amsterdam, from students, to artiists, to travellers, to local people...definetly a park you should not miss. Grab a bottle of your favorite wine or beer, bring some snaks and have fun, maybe hit the coffeshop closest to your stop, and do a full amsterdam experience!!!!! cheer up!
Lots to do and perfect for people watching
Julia W. Jul 15, 2013
Vondelpark is one of the biggest - if not the biggest - park in all of Amsterdam proper. It has a long ovular path ideal for walking, jogging, and cycling. Thanks to its central location, this park acts as a sort of "highway" during rush hour, when the paths fill up with suited bicyclists, bakfiets carrying children going to school, and everyone in between. The abundance of grassy areas makes it ideal for picnics and sunbathing, and its cafés and tennis courts attract a wide variety of people. On any given day, you can see people doing yoga, tai chi, or working out in groups throughout the park. It's really ideal for meeting friends for a glass of wine and a "gezellig" evening. My main negative of this park is that there aren't enough flowers. Holland being a flower country, I would expect small gardens here and there, but apart from in Spring when tulips surround the statue of Mr. Vondel, there isn't much color or fragrance to speak of. However, it's still a place I return to every time I go back to Amsterdam.
Realy has it all
Ornit A. Jul 15, 2013
to fully enjoy this great park you want to be here on a sunny day, then go sit and relax under the warm sunny skies with some friends or without, bring your fries with mayo and beer with you or if you're feeling artistic you can grab your painting equipment and find one of those perfect to draw spots by the lake, or take dreamy utopia photos of kids running around this awsome place, or catch one of the live bands that are occasionally playing there. either of these will easily take you away relaxing on a sunday or on a day off while you won't even feel the time passing.
bring a bottle of wine and enjoy!
klara k. Jul 11, 2013
Are you seriously want to stay inside with your laptop in middle of July? Please move your assets and get out to the Vondelpark where you can enjoy the sunshine with a nice bottle of cold wine, preferably a good chardonnay. Put smile on your face and enjoy a conversation with random people, this place is like a huge lounge party in a green where all sorts of people are doing the same thing...chilling..
sophie s. Jun 25, 2013
The largest park of the wonderful city Amsterdam, close to the Leidseplein and the big museums and by far the most popular with visitors and locals alike, especially during summer and on sunny winterdays. The park is always alive with skaters, joggers and all sorts of street performers. In the summer the Vondelpark open air theater stages regular performances. There are several bars in the park, all of course with their own outside terrace, and Vertigo also offers good food at reasonable prices. People are friendly and openminded. All in all a very pleasant place to spend a lazy sunny afternoon.
No place for work - the urban beach
Andrea Z. Apr 9, 2013
It is a great place to enjoy the social life outdoors - here you can find all the social categories in one single public spot. There are no wall divisions, no dress code requirements, and the best of all is that you will run into people you know and friends without even making an appointment! During the winter it strikes you with the most beautiful melancholic and decadent vibe: the brise is crispy, the atmosphere is quite and the nature is wild and almost seems haunted. It is a magical surprise when you are riding on your bike rushing through the city to get in time somewhere else and, all of a sudden, you are wrapped in this mystical environment. BUT - there is to mention its best quality: As soon as the sun comes up, Amsterdamers have no jobs or responsibilities any more - you will see hundreds of people arriving with their picnic blankets to land on the grass and forget that there is anything else to do. You can find your favourite spot next to the water, next to a monument or a sculpture or at the Café Vertigo where you can enjoy some typical Dutch treats or seat by the terrace whilst overviewing this fantastic "urban beach"; there is also a chance to if you enjoy some culture right next to the Cafe at the EYE Film Institute. Once you are ready to move on, you are right next to the lively centre of Amsterdam, and this time you will be full of energy and hopefully a bit more tanned!
A great place to make friends
Vienda M. Mar 21, 2013
Vondelpark is delightful in the warmer months, especially over July and August, full of live music, street performers and artists sharing their skills. This is the perfect place to really get to know Amsterdam from the locals point of view and to make friends with the colourful people. Every time I go to Vondelpark I leave with a host of new friends, invitations to parties and a huge smile on my face and skip in my heart on a beautiful day in the sun!
Favourite Place
Holly B. Jan 7, 2013
One of the greatest things I did in the summer of 2012, was sitting in Vondelpark with a group people I had just met, chilling and simply just enjoying life. We spent almost six hours in this amazing park, watching its quirky surroundings and all the happy passer bys. Trees surround the park so you can't see out so you feel you are almost escaping into a little magical world. There is always something going on in the park, and plenty of stands selling food so you really can spend all day in there. It is a great place to chill and relax before or after a great night out in Amsterdam!
Such a lovely city park
Christina W. Dec 13, 2012
This is an amazing park! City parks can take all kinds of forms, and some of them are right in the middle of everything, so even among the greenery you can hear cars whizzing by and there isn't enough fresh air. Vondelpark is not like that at all! It is absolutely lovely, especially in the summertime. I only had the fortune of visiting once when I was in Amsterdam, but the whole experience was just perfect. I spent some time sitting in the sun on the grass just people-watching and enjoying the sights of nature (so many ducks and birds!). Then I headed over to a cafe to enjoy a cappuccino on the balcony while overlooking some of the park's beautiful paths and ponds. It's such a lovely place and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Amsterdam.
Luv the Vondel
Mokum G. Dec 12, 2012
The concerts at Vondelpark during summer are a pleasure to stumble upon. Usually I can't say I've heard of the groups. But I can say I loved the convenience. You never know what will be on when you arrive. For some reason however, you'll give a longer ear than imagined. Any maybe stay for a cocktail some random stand is serving up. Even when there's nothing on, Vondelpark is a perfect party ground for any night out in Leidseplein. Just don't go there postparty. Vondel is certainly not where you want to end up after a gig. Too many rumours. Too many accidental encounters. And no purpose to go there.
Anytime of the year is worth a stroll, to say the least
Amster M. Dec 12, 2012
My first year here, as a college student, was all about Vondelpark. For good reason, too, as it's a good center point to meet friends and a great park to partake in all things outdoor that a city has to offer. Over the years as I venture off to other rec areas, Vondel is still the true park experience for me. You'll always find rollerbladers, buskers, firsbee throwers, slack liners, longboarders, and a host of other peculiarities that just can't be found elsewhere. I still don't see any people firing up a grill, but maybe it's just a matter of time. And I think the Stay Okay hostel in Vondel is probably the best place to stay, period.
Beautiful park
Jody P. Dec 3, 2012
Unfortunately, I've only been to Amsterdam in fall and winter, so it has never been warm enough for a picnic or to hang out for too long, but I can definitely see the appeal of this park. In winter it was pretty dead, but when I was there in the fall, it was bustling with people despite the cool fall temperatures. People are biking and picnicking and just wandering or sitting around all over the park. It is a very well-kept park and I would love to get to Amsterdam in the summertime so I can hang out and people-watch here. Even if you can't spend a lot of time, it is worth it to at least walk through Vondelpark.
Charlotte A. Dec 1, 2012
Vondelpark was a highlight of my time in Amsterdam. First, it is absolutely gorgeous! Between the grassy lawns and beautiful fountains, it's a great place to relax or picnic. Renting bikes is easy and affordable. The bike paths are long and winding in the park. It's a must see if you're in Amsterdam, (plus it's centrally located) you won't regret it!
Love it!
amal s. Nov 18, 2012
In Spring there is no better place to be in Amsterdam than Vondelpark. It is the most famous park of Amsterdam due to its central location, but it truly deserves the importance it has because of the huge beautiful space it provides along with lots of cafes and children play grounds. It is perfect to lie down on the green grass in a summer afternoon, or a morning jog or an evening stroll. The park regularly holds musical concerts with free entrance to encourage entertainment and fun. That's what Amsterdam is all about!
Pretty, but pretty crowded
Craig B. Nov 15, 2012
It seems like if the weather is even halfway decent, Vondelpark is going to be packed, which makes sense because it's right between two of the more touristy locations in all of Amsterdam: Museumplein and Leidseplein. It can be hard to get a plot of space to yourself, but if you do it's definitely worth spending all afternoon there soaking up the sights and sounds. If you're inclined to wander around the park, make sure to stay on the sides of the path as joggers, bikers, and dog walkers can be kind of pushy. As for food and drink, feel free to bring in your own wine, beer, baguette and Dutch cheese. Or if you're looking for a quick snack on the go, you can't go wrong with 't Blauwe Theehuis--as crowded as it is, it's probably your quickest option anyway, and the scenery immediately surrounding it (especially the little gazebo on the island) is beautiful. If you're looking for a less crowded park to enjoy I would recommend Amstelpark, but for those just looking for a quick nap in the sun between work or classes, this is definitely the place to be. Too bad the Amsterdam summers are so short!
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