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Van Gogh Museum - Museum in Amsterdam.
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INFO The Van Gogh Museum is situated at the Museumplein in between Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum. Opened in 1973, it is an art museum dedicated to the works of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh and some of his contemporaries... ... read more

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Van Gogh Museum Information

Van Gogh Museum - Museum in Amsterdam.

The Van Gogh Museum is situated at the Museumplein in between Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum. Opened in 1973, it is an art museum dedicated to the works of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh and some of his contemporaries.

After undergoing renovations in 1998-1999, an exhibition wing (Kurokawa Wing) was added to the main structure, called the Rietveld Building.

The museum houses the largest Van Gogh collection in the world, comprised of 200 paintings, 400 drawings, and 700 letters by the visionary. It is the most visited museum in the Netherlands and the 23rd most visited art museum worldwide.

The permanent collection at the Van Gogh Museum, located inside the Rietveld Building, includes nine of the artist’s self-portraits and other famed works, such as The Potato Eaters (1885), Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette (1886), Wheat Field with a Lark (1887), The Yellow House (1888), and Sunflowers (1889).

The museum also features distinguished works by the artist’s contemporaries in the Impressionist and post-Impressionist movements. Other pieces at the Van Gogh Museum include sculptures by Auguste Rodin and Jules Dalou, and paintings by Émile Bernard, Maurice Denis, Claude Monet, and Georges Seurat.

Van Gogh Museum User Reviews

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Ryan S. Aug 20, 2013
The Van Gogh Museum was one brilliant moment after the next. From the comical fight between Security Vs. Exiting Visitor to the Gift Shop filled with all things Van Gogh (Bring your "Van Dough" for those pricey puzzles, pencils and everything in between). I'm a lover of Art not War, but I'm not going to say no to a nice silly cat fight at the entrance of the museum. Security Guard Vs. Angry Mom with a tag-team glass door between them. Soon-to-be Angry Mom walks out of the museum before changing her mind about wanting to pay the gift shop a little visit. She quickly turns around, pulling her daughter by the arm dragging her past the glass exit doors and to her surprise,is called out by the Security Guard. "Ma'am, come back out you can not enter through the exit." A squabble erupts between the two and long story short, the Angry Mom is forced to come out. In her rage, she seems to forget how a door works and tries to exit every door by pulling furiously at the handles. Her daughter pushes a door open and Angry Mom storms off. Now onto the peace and serenity part of my visit. For those of you like me who know the basics on Van Gogh, he went crazy, cut off his ear, and painted Starry Night (not in that order), The Van Gogh Museum is an eye opening experience into a master painter's life. A life cut very short but with a number of inspiring paintings that most artists don't reach in a life twice as long. This and more about Van Gogh can all be heard for a small fee on your own audio tour of the Museum. I would recommend paying the money, unless you have a Van Gough Museum frequent-visitor with you as I did. Otherwise, do the audio tour, listen to the stories of this Brilliant Artist's life and connect the dots between what you hear and what you see in Van Gogh's work. What set this Museum apart from many Art Museums I have been to was that in almost every room there was a wall of work from Artist's that Van Gogh took inspiration from and you are able to see right there in front of you how they influenced Van Gogh's work in his surrounding paintings. As most people probably know, Starry Night, is one of Van Gogh's most famous pieces of work. I say pieces because there are actually a series of Starry Nights by Van Gogh that I was able to see in San Francisco, and the famous more recognized Starry Night in The Metropolitan Museum in New York City. But I promise you, the lacking of Starry Night, hardly takes away from the experience of the awe inspiring paintings on display that have not yet been "stolen" by the U.S.A. (typical). Sunflowers, Cafe Terrace at Night, Potato Eaters and at least 100 more paintings decorate the walls of the Museum. With each new floor you explore, you seem to step into a new page or canvas, I should say, of Van Gogh's life. It's hard to believe that in a Museum dedicated to this World famous painter, Van Gogh never once sold a painting himself, but gained fame after his untimely death. And while you chew on that little fact, take a stroll to the gift shop where the only thing more depressing are the prices of a Van Gough scarf, or miniature pen large enough only for a baby's hand. But maybe I'm just cheap, haha. And you probably shouldn't give a miniature pen to a baby. You most definitely should visit the Van Gogh Museum however.
Go To This Museum
Danielle B. Aug 15, 2013
Bright yellow sunflowers sit in a yellow vase. Gnarled farmers eat potatoes in a dark kitchen. Haunting birds fly off over the fields. Even if you are barely familiar with Van Gogh’s work, you will recognize a painting or two in this museum. The three floors of paintings go in depth into the tools, styles, and relevant life experiences that influenced Van Gogh and are presented in chronological order. I particularly enjoyed the museum’s collection of paintings by Van Gogh’s peers and contemporaries, presented near the most relevant paintings. A big impressionist art fan, I visited the museum with friends of varying degrees of interest in Van Gogh and everyone enjoyed it. The interactive exhibits entertained my friends and I along with a group of kids who wanted to play with the magnifying microscope. Our hostel was located near the center of Amsterdam so we had to walk about half an hour to get to the museum and we really appreciated that the museum began with a movie downstairs. If you decide to go to one museum in Amsterdam, I would suggest this one. You don’t have to be an art expert to enjoy it. I did wish the museum spoke more about Van Gogh’s relationships and unstable frame of mind instead of mostly his techniques, but I’m just being picky. Also, I had heard of a museum card for people under 26, but unless you’re studying in Europe and are under 17, you have to pay the 15 Euros. I felt it was well worth the price.
A Wait Worthwhile
matthew h. Aug 6, 2013
Let's be honest, there is a lot of things to do while in Amsterdam that in theory might sound more appealing than going to the Van Gogh Museum. If I hadn't Google searched "What to do in Amsterdam" a few days before my trip, I would have never known about this amazing museum. After a three-mile walk from our hotel, we encountered a significant line outside of the museum. The sign near us read "1-Hour Wait From Here." Unfortunately, the friend I had traveled with did not think this was a productive use of our time and quickly walked back to our hotel in order to pursue other endeavors. I, on the other hand, stood quietly in line and waited for my turn to enter the museum. After one hour, I bought my ticket (15 Euros), and ventured into the museum still completely unsure as to what I was about to experience. When you enter the museum, they give you the option to experience the tour with audio, but I opted to walk around and read the descriptions myself. The building is set up in chronological order of Van Gogh’s life, which in my opinion was one of the main reasons why my experience at the museum was as thrilling as it was. Your self-guided tour starts with the beginning of Van Gogh’s life and walks you through his most significant life experiences including his success and failures as well as what both critics and family members had to say about his aspiring painting career. The tour really allows you to get inside the head of one of the world’s most prolific painters; reliving his story through his artwork, which hang only a few feet in front of you. I spent two hours in the museum and finally found myself walking into the gift shop conveniently located as the last stop of the tour. While standing in line to enter the Van Gogh Museum, I had no intention of purchasing anything from the gift shop, but after experiencing the paintings and making an almost emotional connection with building I was currently standing in, I had to buy a few souvenirs. I ended up buying several postcards of Van Gogh’s paintings for only one euro each. These became a constant reminder of an experience worth the wait from my trip to Amsterdam.
One for the checklist
Gemma F. Jul 3, 2013
Reopened pretty recently after a seven month renovation period, the Van Gogh Museum is definitely one of the things to put on your Amsterdam checklist. As someone who is not particularly into art (I can appreciate it, but I don't want to spend 4 hours of my day doing so...), I kind of felt like I was only going because it was on the check list, but I did still have a very good time. I went on a Friday night, so there was a bar and a DJ playing in the main downstairs section. The music resonated throughout the exhibition, which definitely gave a different museum experience! There was also a little cake decorating room, where you could get free cup cakes and spend however long you wanted making your own art. I would recommend going, but if you're on a particularly tight budget and you're only vaguely interested, then the steep 15 EURO entry free probably isn't worth it in my opinion.
An Amsterdam must see
Declan W. Jul 2, 2013
Despite being to some of the most prestigious art museums in the world, I usually get bored pretty quickly and don't connect with the art in ways some of my friends do. At the Van Gough Museum though, my experience changed. The museum is not large, so the entire thing can be viewed relatively quickly. But I would not recommend this; the museum is laid out with many of Van Gogh's famous paintings, including a few self portraits and "the Bedroom." all of which demonstrate his ever evolving mastery in the work of impressionism. Although some paintings are not there (such as starry night), there are so many great ones it won't make a difference unless that is all you want to see. I definitely recommend immersing yourself in some of Amsterdam's famous traditions before entering the Van Gough museum because it will make it that much more awe-inspiring. The museum, which was built by his relatives also serves as a memorial to Van Gough, providing many details of his life story and struggles to be a painter. Even if you don't enjoy most of what Amsterdam has to offer, I suggest you make a stop here because of the beautiful art, and the classy way the museum is put together.
Small but lovely museum
Christina W. Dec 13, 2012
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is a must-see, especially if you are an art lover. It is surprisingly small, but it does a wonderful job of showcasing the work of Van Gogh throughout his lifetime. It is always wonderful to be able to see the original paintings by an artist of such prestige. My favorite part about the museum, however, is actually the part that has the least amount of Van Gogh in it. They do a really wonderful overview of his work in a greater art historical context, highlighting the artists who influenced his work and showing those artists who were later influenced by Van Gogh's work. It is a really lovely way to put Van Gogh in a larger picture and adds a great deal of value the overall museum experience.
For art lovers or enthusiasts, it's a must
Amster M. Dec 12, 2012
I always tell people that this is the ultimate beginner's intro to art. I'm not an art expert, but Van Gogh is a must for many, and there are a dozen reasons as to why. The place is organized in chronological order, which makes it super easy to wrap your head around. It's not too overwhelming with information or art display, which makes it understandable, and quick. Before you know it you've been there an hour already. I hear many times that people come here after they smoked weed for the first time, or even when they're tripping on mushrooms. I can't say that being under the influence makes ME appreciate it more, but it seems like a trend that hasn't quit for, decades? I think it's the best for art in the city, but then again I love the artist.
Compact but put packed
Craig B. Dec 9, 2012
Whether you're an art buff or just an interested layperson (like me), there's something for everybody at the Van Gogh Museum. Located in the heart of Museumplein, the building itself looks small from the outside but I assure you it is densely packed with paintings, sketches, and various other pieces in assorted mediums by Van Gogh, his contemporaries, artists who inspired him, and artists inspired by him (though the majority of pieces are of course by Van Gogh himself). The top floor has a great small computer room with a tremendous amount of biographical information and primary sources (letters of correspondence, etc.) that you would do well to check out if you're interested in Vincent as not only an artist but as a person.
Must-See in Amsterdam
Jody P. Dec 3, 2012
There are a handful of museums in Amsterdam that are just amazing, and this is one of them. Even if you are not an art fanatic, this museum offers an interesting look into Van Gogh's life and history and he was one interesting guy. One part of the museum that stands out in my mind is an exhibit about the tools that Van Gogh used. In order to save supplies, he would sometimes paint on the back of canvases he had already painted on, or just paint over paintings that he had already done. They exhibit showed how modern technology was being used to actually uncover the paintings that he had painted over. I just found the entire thing so interesting. This is a museum you must go to in Amsterdam.
A Bit DIsappointing
Gabe L. Aug 8, 2012
I went to the Van Gogh museum for one specific reason - to see Starry Night. After a 40 minute wait in the freezing Dutch cold I finally got inside, and Starry Night was nowhere to be found. Van Gogh does have a lot of other cool pieces and I learned a lot about him, but I wanted to see Starry Night. Turns out it's in France. But if you want to look at strange japanese-style paintings as well as paintings of cats and absinthe, this is the place for you.
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