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Fotografiemuseum - Museum in Amsterdam.
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INFO Fotografiemuseum, known more commonly as FOAM, is a photography museum located at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. The building used to house the impressive collection of works of its previous owner, coal merchant and art... ... read more

Fotografiemuseum Information

Fotografiemuseum - Museum in Amsterdam.

Fotografiemuseum, known more commonly as FOAM, is a photography museum located at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. The building used to house the impressive collection of works of its previous owner, coal merchant and art buyer Carel Joseph Fodor, until FOAM opened in 2002.

Exhibits at FOAM generally focus on documentary, street, fashion, and glamour photography. There are always four different exhibitions at one time, each displaying various photographic genres.

In addition to the large exhibitions of well-known photographers, FOAM also regularly displays the work of up-and-coming photographers in smaller exhibits.

Notable exhibitions at FOAM include Henri Cartier-Bresson’s A Retrospective and Richard Avedon’s Photographers 1946-2004.

Fotografiemuseum User Reviews

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Excellent Photo Museum
Kim H. Sep 21, 2013
If you are a photographer, or just looking for inspiration, "Foam" is a great place to go. Every few months they change their exhibition. Do not hesitate to take a chance and have a visit. This exhibition space never fails but also check out their very smart shop around the corner. Drop in early at the museum and avoided some waiting time in the lines. It is in a great location, 10 minutes walk from the central canals and Anna Frank's House. This 4 stories little museum will take an hour to get around. Leave you feeling creative.
A house of pictures
Bai Y. Sep 20, 2013
Picture after picture, FOAM take you onto a journey of the magic story telling. Through the different perspective, you see the world from an eye of the artist. But it is not simply the photos that make FOAM a unique place to visit, the building itself is a great illustration of how an traditional Dutch house would look like from the inside. After all, have you not wondered: what lies inside of all these tiny little houses, next to the Amsterdam canals?
Comprehensive Arbus exhibition leaves one begging for even more
Anna Y. Jan 4, 2013
After having been in Amsterdam for a few days, I managed to convince a friend (who isn't much into photography himself) to accompany me in exploring the FOAM photography museum on our last day in the Netherlands. The featured exhibit was of the world-renowned photographer Diane Arbus and her more than strange subjects. Though my friend was convinced that after having attended the New Years electronic dance party celebration Amsterdam United and observing the types of critters there - with their wide-eyed glances due to the unusual diameter of their black pupils and seizure-like dance movements - no more intriguing people could have been captured by Arbus' camera. At the end, we both understood how wrong he was... with more than 200 photographs of Arbus' being displayed, the exhibit was surprisingly only sparsely scattered with other viewers, due to its clever set-up, and the space between the photographs on the walls allowed for much needed breathing room after witnessing each of the photographer's quietly shocking scenes. Overall, the modern photography museum featured an exhibit that was arranged wonderfully and showed both famous and lesser known photographs of the famous Diane Arbus.
Check what's on before you go
Mokum G. Dec 5, 2012
Foam is by all means a great place to visit. MokumGroupie went this year especially for the Anton Corbijn exhibition. The exhibition was advertised all over Amsterdam with a black and white photo of Anthony Kiedis wearing a mask a snorkel. I think that made everyone's head turn. Even if you don't know the RHCP. But he had an amazing Tom Waits photo that I kept coming back to. Couldn't keep my bloody eyes off it. And the Kate Moss photo was beautifully chilling. Well done. Loved 'em all. Especially Jagger in drag. Iggy's was just downright ridiculous. But i loved that he got away with it. Four stars for Foam.
Photography lovers will love it
Amster M. Dec 4, 2012
This is my favorite museum in Amsterdam hands down. The first exhibition I saw here was Henry Cartier Bresson, the second time it was Richard Avedon, and if you know anything about photography you'll know these guys. What a breathtaking display. I've been back several times since then, and it's never disappointed me. However I hear they're striking out with attempts on displaying contemporary medium art connected to media somehow, and I do remember one social media experiment-gone-wrong display that I thought was odd, but I'm willing to overlook that because every other time has been fantastic. Definitely go here, you'll need maybe an hour tops.
Not my thing
Jody P. Dec 3, 2012
To me, this museum is not worth visiting unless you are really into photography. I enjoy photography, but it is not my favorite thing to see in a museum. I don't know or follow many photographers and really only know the most famous, mainstream ones, so I didn't recognize any of the names of the photographers whose exhibitions were being shown at the museum. I liked most of the photography I saw but this just isn't something that interests me too deeply. Also, there are so many better attractions in Amsterdam that this is something you can skip if you aren't too into photography.
FOAM is Amsterdam's treasure trove of photography
Marie-Charlotte P. Nov 19, 2012
FOAM is a not-so-little temple of photography. From exhaustive retrospectives of illustrious photographers (Diane Arbus, Eugene W. Smith) to out-of-the-box explorative exhibits (Anti-Photojournalism), they kowtow to the medium in as many ways as possible. The museum is also dedicated to supporting emerging artists by hosting regular portfolio reviews, publishing the chock-full of photo goodies FOAM Magazine, and showing the work of the year's most promising newbies. Last but not least, they spread the love thanks to free workshops hosted in the city's forgotten neighborhoods. Navigating their 3 floors can be a bit daunting - the exhibits often start on the second floor, which is confusing - but the lovely, helpful staff largely makes up for it (as do the delicious broodjes in their light, airy café.) The rotation and quality of events and exhibits make it more than a must-see: I got my membership.
amal s. Nov 18, 2012
This is one of the most interesting museums I have ever been to. For people interested in photography or just photos this is an ideal place to appreciate the magic of the capturing lens. The museum keeps rotating its exhibits. It is built in a very unique style and holds photographs of different genres. Not at all a typical, boring museum, but a fun and modern place to be.
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