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Heineken Experience The Heineken Experience is a museum that offers an educational and entertaining way to learn about the Heineken beer-making process and to see where some of the first Heinekens were brewed. Amsterdam Holland 52.3581588 4.8912079
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Heineken Experience - Culture | Drinking Activity | Tour in Amsterdam.
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Party Earth Review The Heineken Experience is a museum that offers an educational and entertaining way to learn about the Heineken beer-making process and to see where some of the first Heinekens were brewed. A 75-minute self-guided tour... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 11am–7pm; Last ticket sales at 5:30pm

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Heineken Experience Review

The Scene

The Heineken Experience is a museum that offers an educational and entertaining way to learn about the Heineken beer-making process and to see where some of the first Heinekens were brewed.

The Heineken Experience is a museum that offers an educational and entertaining way to learn about the Heineken beer-making process and to see where some of the first Heinekens were brewed.

A 75-minute self-guided tour ventures through the history of Heineken and the brewing process in general, and provides some amusing interactive exhibits as well.

Patrons can take a seat in the futuristic recliners to watch classic Heineken commercials or step into the virtual reality machine that offers a glimpse of what it’s like to be a Heineken bottle as it passes through the production line.

High-tech and fun for all, there’s nothing this experience doesn’t have, from virtual bartenders to real ones, from tasting bars to hands-on brewing, and from Heineken horses to copper containers and the scent of barley lingering in the air.

At the end of the tour, visitors can grab a glass and mingle in the Heineken bar rooms, or peruse the offerings in the gift shop.

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Tip from Lucas:

Arrive at least two hours before closing so you’re not rushed. You’ll definitely want to take it slow and have time to enjoy the beer at the bar afterwards.

  • Crowd

    Tourists, expats, locals, and beer enthusiasts of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Interactive multimedia exhibits and games, including a “create your own” Heineken bottle label.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    E-tickets, which can be purchased online, allow holders to skip the line.

  • Prices

    Admission €16/adults (two drinks included), €15 for tickets purchased online, €12/children.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code


  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Anytime during the day. Early weekdays are the least crowded.

  • Close By

    Located in the middle of the Weteringcircuit roundabout is the Carousel Pancake House, a circular restaurant that specializes in authentic Dutch pancakes and offers a carousel ride inside.

Heineken Experience User Reviews

Average rating:
Amanda R. Jul 21, 2013
When i first heard about this, when it was recommended, I thought it was a museum based solely on Heineken. It is so much more than this! It entailed so many interactive experiences and truly informed the ticket holder in an entertaining way. Upon entry you are given a bracelet with two button like beads.These can be individually given to a member of staff, throughout the appropriate areas of the museum, allowing you to receive a refreshing glass of cold Heineken beer! There is the opportunity to take part in a green screen video which can then be sent to a family member or friend. There is no wonder the Heineken Museum comes so highly recommended! A must see if you are in Amsterdam.
Leonardo P. Jul 14, 2013
As the title of the review says, WOW! The Heieken Experience more than a museum is a real "experience"! If you are in Amsterdam, it means that you are a fan of beer, bycicles,cannabis and/or beautiful cities with canals; well, all this hobbies are well fitted inside this "experience" because inside this Musuem you won't only understand how actually Heineken beer is made, but you will taste that drink that beer is not yet but it is going to be, you'll have a bracelet with two bottons good for two refreshing freezing Heineken, you can record videos and do pictures with devices provided by the museum and send it to your friends or failies to show them your soberity, you'll have the possibility to come back to the city and its pleasure with a boat that leaves right infront of the entrance of the museum etc. This place was born as an educative museum, to show and teach how beer is done and it definitely do it; but it also gives you a lot of fun, and as you well know, is not very easy that a museum is a place to have fun. You definitely want to go if you are in Amsterdam!
Thirsty but not only for beer? The Heineken Experience is the answer!
Lorena G. May 10, 2013
Equipped with the latest multimedia you will enjoy this experience from the very beginning. This is one of Amsterdam’s most popular attractions, so be prepare for a long wait. A few tips: arrive when they open or 2 hours before they close; also they have extended hours on Friday and Saturday. The staff is super friendly and welcoming. I loved that. And it didn’t hurt to have a very cold beer at the end of the tour. I personally had a great time and hope you do too! Proost!
Enjoy a Heineken
Sandra R. May 9, 2013
Travel to Amsterdam entails visiting certain places and one of them is Heineken Experience. We go with an idea: "I like beer and in the end I'll drink it". So, we went to the museum to see how is the experience and it was curious. A brewery made attraction. The ticket excessive, but knowing that there will be a detail at the end and "switch gears". First, a picture -leaving a record of the visit, of course-, some history, product development, branding, some fun and games and then arrives to the "pub" from the factory. In that place, we talk and enjoy a beer. At the end of the tour we think that was worth those euros spent.
What better than a Chilled beer in the beer Factory!
Kalash S. Apr 12, 2013
Easter weekend in the capital of netherlands was just what the doctor ordered. Amsterdam in itself is an experience but its not complete if you only see the canals , museums or the entertaining cafes. Heineken Experience does perfect justice to make you feel brewed. Its surely a brewery but gives the tourists a memory to take back home and adds to their personal experience of beer drinking. Its not just another beer museum where you walk and see the brewery and walk out its much more. You get educated with every section you pass of the brewery which actually makes you more eager to obtain information. The staff members are very friendly and make your experience even more fun loving. The 4D room is the highlight where i actually went through the brewing process feeling the exactly what happens in those machines. As the experience ends you enter the cool heineken bar where you are served free drinks which brings a smile to your face. Its a fact that 70% of amsterdam is below sea level but the Heineken Experience surely kept me at a high.
A Must When Visiting Amsterdam!
Rachel S. Mar 30, 2013
I was only in Amsterdam for two days, so I had to be very careful about the things I chose to do with my time. I was exceedingly busy as I went to a few museums, the Red Light Distrcit, a few pubs and clubs, and the Heineken Brewery. While I had a blast everywhere I went, The Brewery was definitely amongst my favorite memories. The Heineken Experience was the first brewery I’d ever been to, and admitedly, I had no idea what expect, but was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t simply a walk through tour of an old factory, but an interactive experience with enthusiastic and fun staff members. Not only was I educated on how Heineken is made, but I was taken through a virtual process where I actually became the beer (a unique and pretty great experience). There were also multiple lounges where tourists could watch Heineken commercials throughout the years and around the world, as well as take pictures. There were even games which taught us how to fill up a beer without spilling, much like a bar tender would. At the end, there was a colorful bar, and we were given free drinks. In my opinion, anyone who goes to Amsterdam is missing out if they don’t go to the Heineken Brewery.
Awesome way to spend the day - very educational.
Eric L. Mar 29, 2013
I recently moved to Amsterdam and found an apartment across the street from the Heineken Experience. Wanting to meet my new neighbors (Heineken Experience), I went over to say hello. I was incredibly thrilled with their hospitality and would recommend the Experience to anyone. The staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and attractive as well - and we all know that attractive staff members make for a better time! The tour was filled with tastings, educational videos, interactive art displays, and great views of the surrounding canals. There were also numerous rooms filled with games that helped test your "pour-ability" of the perfect beer and cheesy Heineken videos that you could inject yourself into and email to yourself for future laughs and fun. The Experience comes with 2 beers included and you are able to enjoy them in a club-like setting. Again, very attractive people enjoying the beers and a great way to land a Friday night date!
Go for a fun indoor beer activity
Amster M. Dec 4, 2012
Another attraction I go back and forth on. If you see it as a museum, and not a brewery, then it's probably the most fun and hands on museum in the city (for adults at least). But it's not a brewery, it's an "experience", and I think many people walk in expecting something a bit more sudsy and traditional. And they probably want more than the two beers at the end. It's really just a showoff of a world famous beer, but who cares it's still a good time! I would say those looking for a real Amsterdam beer experience should not go here, but people looking for a fun indoor activity for visitors would love it. TIP: See if the free boat ride is still happening when you show up!
First Stop in Amsterdam
Risa C. Nov 20, 2012
After a quick stroll through Chinatown and the cafes, my first stop in Amsterdam was the Heineken Experience. Pretty much what you would expect from a museum tour revolving around beer, we got to see how beer was made, the history of the beer, and of course got to taste some cold Heinekens. The design of the museum is really modern, and there were a lot of interactive activities like Heinekin DJ Hero, a "ride" through the brewing process and the create your own custom bottle which was a great souvenir. And a mid tour tasting/instructional pouring wasn't a bad touch, especially if you paid attention and win an extra beer. The end of the tour finishes in their Heineken bar which plays all the movies in which Heineken is featured and is a great way to meet new people since it's basically a bar full of young tourists sharing suggestions on places to go out at night. And as an added bonus the tour guides were super friendly and helpful Dutch guys...and they were pretty hot...just thought I'd throw that in there.
Expensive but kind of necessary
Craig B. Nov 15, 2012
I was loathe to cough up the cash, but I was told by some expats that it is all but required for beer-lovers to take the voyage into the Heineken Experience. The tour was fun and interesting, and I can never say no to a fresh Heineken, but I would definitely recommend Brouwerij 't IJ over this if you're looking for a fun beer experience and you're on a budget. This isn't to say the Heineken tour was bad by any means--the staff were knowledgeable, the history is impressive, and I did get a couple of bierjes throughout (plus one extra for answering a trivia question right!)--but the whole thing felt more like a theme park than a brewing tour, which makes sense when you learn about midway through that the actual building is no longer a brewery.
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