Amsterdam Art Overview

Rijksmuseum - Museum in Amsterdam

Few cities possess as much breathtaking art as Amsterdam. Not only is the very architecture along the canals of Mokum captivating to the viewer, but its many museums also possess some of the world’s most brilliant paintings and sculptures.

The two most notable places to see great art in Amsterdam are the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. The former possesses plenty of its namesake’s famous paintings, as well as rotating exhibits of work by other expressionist and abstract artists. The latter is a vast labyrinthine museum whose endless halls of classical works of art are easy to get lost in for hours. But for those looking for something edgier, options are always available – Skek in the Red Light district offers ever-changing samples of local up-and-coming artists, while Canvas over by the East Docks turns every surface of its club and café into an edgy display of local wares. But whether the art is timeless or torrid, all locations possess the romance and intricacy that only Amsterdam can do so effortlessly.

Though it’s sometimes hard to tear oneself away from the coffee shops, beer halls, and brothels that line the city’s streets, Amsterdam’s art world proves equally intoxicating, inviting guests into its world of blooming flowers and starry nights.

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