Amsterdam Theaters Overview

Rozentheater - Theater in Amsterdam

There is a vast array of performing arts in Amsterdam, so of course there are also many theaters in Amsterdam to support the endless plays, musicals, comedy, ballet, opera, symphony, and more.

Scattered throughout the city, Amsterdam theaters cater to all types, so if you’re looking to laugh, cry, be shocked, or be moved, there is always a performance happening that’s just right for you.

Some of the biggest theaters in the city are Muziektheater, which hosts Amsterdam’s best ballet and opera performances, and Kriterion Theater, which was opened in 1945 and features independent films, documentaries, and art-house movies.

Other theaters abound in Amsterdam, including Boom Chicago, where nightly standup acts keep the city’s denizens laughing, and Melkweg, a theater, concert venue, club, and art gallery all in one. In the summer, Vondelpark doubles as an outdoor theater as patrons laze away in the grass and enjoy some summer stock under the sun.

Any time you’re looking for more discerning entertainment, check out the multiple theaters in Amsterdam and soak in the variety of talent that permeates this great city.

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