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Ziggo Dome Looking for concerts at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam? Check out Party Earth for schedules, updates, photos, videos, and more for this one-of-a-kind stadium! Amsterdam Holland 52.317081 4.937702
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Ziggo Dome - Arena | Music Venue in Amsterdam.
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INFO Ziggo Dome is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in the ArenA Boulevard, the urban center in Southeast Amsterdam. Opened in 2012, the building is the largest Dutch concert hall with a capacity of 17,000 people. The unique... ... read more

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    De Passage 100
    1101 AX Amsterdam

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Ziggo Dome Information

Ziggo Dome - Arena | Music Venue in Amsterdam.

Ziggo Dome is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in the ArenA Boulevard, the urban center in Southeast Amsterdam. Opened in 2012, the building is the largest Dutch concert hall with a capacity of 17,000 people.

The unique Ziggo Dome is known for its excellent acoustics and state-of-the-art technology. The building is completely covered with almost 120,000 LED fixtures and encompasses an intimate atmosphere, despite its enormous size. Regular events at Ziggo Dome include live music concerts, theater performances, hockey games, and interactive shows.

Past concerts at Ziggo Dome have included performances by international superstars, such as Pearl Jam, Madonna, Martin Solveig, Sting, and John Fogerty.

Ziggo Dome User Reviews

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Why Ziggo Dome could possibly be the best 'black box' in the world.
Stephan V. Sep 18, 2013
The Ziggo Dome has seen a lot of amazing artists the first year it opened. Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and from dance music DJ's to boy bands have played there already. They get compliments by almost all artists saying the acoustics are fantastic and the hall does not look big, even though it can host as much as it does. The people visiting the Ziggo Dome to see their favorite bands or acts are as thrilled as them. It looks so small and yet is sooo big. The staff is graded an 8.3 out of 10 for their service, friendliness and energy. At the Ziggo Dome everything seems to just add up. There is not one thing that can be said that could point a flaw in the system.. Well perhaps there is the drinks. They work with a coin system and they go for 2.80 a piece. A beer of 35cl is worth one coin and well.. it is damn good beer. Thank god for Heineken. So, again, there seems to be no flaw detectable yet in the formula the Ziggo Dome uses. I believe it to be one that was created by great minds that know how important sound is in a black box. They got it right and they are rocking! Without a doubt If you are in Amsterdam and are up for a big party go for the Ziggo Dome cause that is where it is all happening.
Excelent place!
Joana R. Aug 10, 2013
Ziggo Dome is an amazing place to see concerts. Part of the artistic culture in Amsterdam, Ziggo bring us an amazing acoustic and inovated technology so we can part of the show. Here you can be a star!
Made for music
Amster M. Dec 12, 2012
This is the latest addition to the Amsterdam music scene. They made this to compete with AHOY in Rotterdam, a venue that was pulling in all the crowd from Amsterdam. This place is huge, 20 times bigger than Heineken Music Hall, but 20 times smaller than ArenA. So the bands that play here are like Pearl Jam, Radiohead, etc. The acoustics were made to be the best on the market, and the building itself has a cube architecture to it. Some would way it's an eyesore, and too much for Amsterdam, but then again it's outside of the city so the ones who see it are the ones who are coming there for something big and modern anyway.
Memories made with thousands at the Ziggo-dome Amsterdam
Donna F. Nov 20, 2012
Headhunterz, 20th October 2012 Walking past the Heineken Hall to the new Ziggo Dome, not far from the train station I was heading for a night to be shared with thousands of international music lovers. Headhunterz was paying an evening set from 22:00 until 07:00, I knew the night was going to be long with a lot of dancing and watching the vast amount of diverse people who also wanted to sharing the evening with 'heddy' on the floor. Walking in to the Ziggo-dome, your greeted with fresh shiny painted grey, white walls and with a hit of orange splashed around. Straight away, you get the sense that these walls have not had the time to mature with what events have been placed, as this venues is very new to Amsterdam, opening in June. Fully staffed all around the Venue with kind and helpful staff as well super clean facility's all around. Also, as a girl I believe that it is very annoying that if you have to wait in a lie to use the bathroom is rather frustrating, so I was pleasantly surprised when you are in the bathrooms that amount of doors you see, goes on and on, is a pleasant surprise. Although the floor was also shiny, some people had spilt drinks, which made walking past the amount of bars quite slippery yet also a fun challenge not to fall over in front of the hundreds of people getting some fresh air or a bite to eat away from the thundering hall inside,where you can still find the beating of the bass sill faintly in your chest where before entering the Ziggo-dome that was just the faint beat of your heart. Walking inside to the main hall area you saw the thousands or what millions of lights, strobes, and lights from people holding there mobiles in the air. A magical moment to take in. Also people on the sides going up into the sides of the building and way in front was the main stage surrounded in mini skulls and one massive skull (known for the logo #Headhunterz) that instant atmosphere you felt in this area was pure europhira. Other DJs such as Isaac, Code Black, Wildstylez, Ran-d and more! the night music was from older classics to most modern tracks we knew today. When the DJ would turn the music out and you would hear the people singing so clearly to their tracks that that must of been a magical moment. It was clearly a great night at the new Ziggo-dome in Amsterdam, with Headhunterz, and my friends.
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