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Amsterdam ArenA Looking for events at Amsterdam ArenA? Check out Party Earth for updates, photos, & videos for the AFC Ajax & NL Men's National Soccer Team + other cool events! Amsterdam Holland 52.314257 4.940319
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Amsterdam ArenA - Concert Venue | Stadium in Amsterdam.
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INFO Amsterdam ArenA, opened in 1996, is the largest stadium in the Netherlands. With a capacity of 52,000-68,000 people, depending on the event, the venue is one of two stadiums in the country rated with 5 stars by UEFA. Since... ... read more

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    Arena Boulevard 1
    1101 Amsterdam

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Amsterdam ArenA Videos

Ajax vs FC Utrecht Amsterdam ArenA 3-10-2010 Goal 2
Ajax vs FC Utrecht Amsterdam ArenA 3-10-2010 Goal 2
AFC Ajax - FC Dinamo Kiev 25 August 2010 CL Hymn
U2 - Amsterdam ArenA 20-juli-2009 - Intro / Breathe
Opening Sensation White 03-07-2009 Amsterdam Arena. (Wicked Wonderland)
Sensation White 2008 Opening - DJ Chuckie (Amsterdam ArenA)
U2 - Magnificent (Amsterdam ArenA multi-cam, 21-07-2009)
Badr Hari vs Hesdy Gerges - amsterdam arena
Sensation White 2007 - Megamix Beginning @ Amsterdam Arena

Amsterdam ArenA Information

Amsterdam ArenA - Concert Venue | Stadium in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam ArenA, opened in 1996, is the largest stadium in the Netherlands. With a capacity of 52,000-68,000 people, depending on the event, the venue is one of two stadiums in the country rated with 5 stars by UEFA.

Since its opening, Amsterdam ArenA has been home to association football club AFC Ajax, one of the three clubs that dominate the Dutch national football league. The Ajax Museum is fittingly located inside the stadium.

Aside from association and American football matches, Amsterdam ArenA regularly hosts music concerts, theater performances, and a wide range of other events.

Past concerts at Amsterdam ArenA have included performances by Madonna, Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, and U2. The stadium also hosts the massive annual international dance music event, Sensation.

Other notable events at Amsterdam ArenA include World Bowl IX, a number of Euro 2000 matches, and the 2013 UEFA Europa League final.

The stadium itself is situated in one of the main entertainment districts of Holland, with plenty of bars, cinemas, concert halls, and a shopping mall located nearby.

Amsterdam ArenA User Reviews

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Incredible venue!
Mónica V. Sep 18, 2013
I went to the Amsterdam Arena a few days ago for the Roger Waters The Wall concert and it was the greatest concert I have ever been to. I believe the venue has a major role in the fact that the concert was so incredible, because the way the stadium is designed and the structure of the whole place, contributes to an excepcional acoustics. I was in the seats opposite from the stage and even though I was really far away, the sound was flawless and I could hear every instrument and voice. Also,the arquitecture of this stadium allows a visual treat, since you can have a great view of everything from any place in the stadium. It is also extremely easy to get to this venue, because it is super close to the station and just about 20 minutes away from the Central Station. Overall, I think this is one of the best venues I've ever seen.
Best concert of my life?
Amster M. Nov 25, 2012
Mokum Groupie had it comin'... I mean I would never see Madonna just to impress a girl or guy... good thing he has some friends watching his back! Anyway, I've only been to ArenA once for music. It's true that the place was built for sports, so don't expect spectacular sound and whatnot. But I went for the Rolling Stones in 2006 and had a BLAST. The whole thing was unexpected, and it was sold out, so a bunch of us were just going to listen to the Stones play in the parking lot. But it just so happened that we ran into an old man on the metro with an extra ticket, which sparked a motivation to find extra tickets for all of us. Before we knew it we were in, paid about 70 bucks for a ticket, ground floor, decently close, and rocking out to the Stones! Plus there are people who walk around the crowd selling beer, so you can always stay where you are. We rocked out, it was an unforgettable night, but the best part was that I ran into them the next day at the Amstel Hotel. Kind of. Either way I saw Ron Wood and we exchanged a few words. Kind of.
Worse than Ahoy for music
Mokum G. Nov 25, 2012
From a Mokum Groupie point of view, musically speaking, this is even worse than it's rival Ahoy in Rotterdam. I went once for a concert and never came back. It was Madonna. And for me it sucked from the start because I didn't want to be there. I did it for a girl, and tried to have an open mind. Her and her friends were huge fans. Huge. As in they came HOURS before the gates opened huge. I was freezing my arse off. Because I was wet and cold. The only thing that saved my poor pitiful life was Audrey showing up with umbrellas and a thermos of tea for us. She's a saint. What followed was a few hours of fanatic masses bowing down to a woman past her prime. But if I were to write about the actual arena for music, I would say forget it because IT'S AN ARENA. It's for footy, not music. Want to see your favourite band in Amsterdam? If you can't get to Paradiso go for Ziggo Dome -- still massive and made for music.
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