Amsterdam Stadiums Overview

Ahoy Rotterdam (Rotterdam, NL) - Arena | Concert Venue in Amsterdam

If you’re looking for the biggest sporting events, concerts, and festivals in the city, there’s no better place to witness them than in the great Amsterdam stadiums and arenas.

For sports, there’s no bigger team than Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax (or just Ajax), and there’s no larger football stadium than Amsterdam Arena where the local favorites host matches throughout the year. The massive stadium holds more than 50,000 screaming fans, and also boasts a retractable roof for when Amsterdam’s often fickle weather intervenes. The Olympic Stadium, meanwhile, is the former Ajax home and still hosts some national Dutch matches along with other major international competitions.

When it comes to music, Amsterdam Arena also features big-time international stars on world-wide tours and has been known to host an occasional festival or trade show as well. The newest player on the Amsterdam arena scene is the Ziggo Dome, a state-of-the-art, 15,600 person stadium that was built in 2012, and now hosts major acts from Madonna and Sting, to Pearl Jam and Radiohead.

Although there aren’t a great variety of stadiums in Amsterdam, there’s still enough to find the biggest games and the brightest music stars. So if you’re looking for large-scale productions and sporting extravaganzas, check out what the stadiums in Amsterdam have to offer.

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