Red Light District, Amsterdam.
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Most famous for its sex shops, adult entertainment theaters, and the women who stand in the red-lighted windows hoping to attract customers, the Red Light District is the heart of Amsterdam’s tourism industry and has been the destination for booze, brothels, and debauchery for five hundred years.

Occasional street scuffles between junkies or outbursts from prostitutes being photographed without permission keep passersby on their toes, but surveillance cameras and a good police presence keep the Red Light District safe to explore.

In early evening, the streets are noticeably lit in sultry shades of red as women start to sell their services, while the international crowd flocks to the bars and discount student cafés for a few Happy Hour pints.

Despite the area’s age-old reputation and continuous flow of hippies and bachelor parties, the Red Light District is still the oldest part of the city with fascinating corners to explore and distinguished brown bars ready to serve those who like to drink their pints in historic settings.


Where to Go in the Red Light District

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