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Party Earth Review Perfectly situated on the river Amstel just around the corner from Rembrandtplein, Mulligan's is a typical Irish pub with plenty of Guinness on tap, large TVs to keep the sports fans happy, and pictures of the green countryside of Ireland to keep the expats from feeling homesick. A large smoking room in back gives tobacco hounds a dedicated spot to satiate their cravings, while a graffiti-laden outdoor terrace in the back – called Oscar Wilde's Courtyard thanks to a pensive portrait of the famous scribe along one wall – provides pleasant afternoon hangouts whenever the weather allows. An additional long bar downstairs and a smaller lounge area ... more


Amstel 100
1017 Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Irish Pubs Overview

Mulligan's Irish Music Bar - Irish Pub | Live Music Venue in Amsterdam

There are a good amount of pubs dotting Amsterdam’s drinking scene, but it’s the old-school Irish pubs that bring about the most authentic pubbing experience. Geared towards a chill, pint-loving crowd, Irish pubs in Amsterdam are a vital piece of the city’s nightlife and happy hour culture.

Downing pints in pubs is a timeless tradition no matter where you are, however, the Irish take the practice to a whole different level which is evidenced by the fact that there’s an Irish pub in practically every country in the world. In Amsterdam there is no shortage of Irish pubs either where beer-lovers can relax, order Guinness on tap, watch some football, and chow down on shepherd’s pie or fish & chips.

A good amount of the Amsterdam Irish pubs also double as brown bars; watering holes that date back to the 15th and 16th century known for their brown wood and fun-loving environments. One of the best Irish pubs in the city is Mulligan’s Irish Music Bar, which combines an authentic environment with great Irish tunes.

The best part about the Irish pubs here is the complete lack of pretention or attitude. And if you’re looking for fancy mixed drinks, it’s best to choose a different location, because Irish pubs are all about the beer.

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