Amsterdam Pubs Overview

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For all the pubs that populate Amsterdam’s drinking landscape, it’s the old-school Irish pubs and brown bar/pub hybrids that standout as beloved local watering holes. Catering to a laid back, drink loving clientele, pubs in Amsterdam are an integral part of the city’s nightlife drinking culture.

Drinking in pubs is a timeless tradition no matter which country you’re in, however, the Irish and English take the tradition to whole different levels and seem to set up pubs in every country around the world. No different in Amsterdam where there are plenty of UK-style pubs where patrons can kick back, order frothy beers on tap, watch the football match on TV, and chow down on fish & chips or bangers & mash.

Many of the Amsterdam pubs are also considered to be brown bars, which are 15th and 16th century establishments so named for their dark brown wood and convivial environments.

One thing you’ll never find in the pubs here is any sort of pretention or attitude and the desire for an artisanal cocktail is passed over in favor of a freshly pored Boddingtons. The venues are more about coming together with friends, sharing a pint, maybe drunkenly singing an Irish ballad or two, and celebrating a drinking tradition that dates back hundreds of years.

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