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Partying in Amsterdam: The Alternative View of the City's Social Scene

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Hanging out by the canals on a sunny day in Amsterdam.

Hanging out by the canals on a sunny day in Amsterdam.



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Paradiso - Café | Club | Concert Venue in Amsterdam.

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Jun 3, 2012 —  Amsterdam has possibly the most casual, carefree vibe on the continent, which is quite amazing considering its incredibly active and never-ending party atmosphere.

The city’s live music scene is truly off the charts and offers all kinds of performances – from rock, techno, and hip-hop to reggae, jazz, and beyond – at venues ranging from tiny basement spaces to huge arenas.

The city also has a number of edgy, alternative dive bars that attract unusual, free-thinking characters who are always up for a good conversation over a smoke and a beer.

And of course, the coffeeshop culture offers a great way to meet an international mix of like-minded people and to relax in a variety of unique environments, whether you settle into a comfortable corner on a rainy afternoon or join the crowds on a sun-filled terrace.

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Gabe L. Aug 6, 2012
Coffee shops in Amsterdam are a must-see if you visit Holland. My favorite was Green House. The people working there are very friendly and everyone around is very local, unlike most other coffee shops in Amsterdam. I met one Dutch kid who then gave me the link to his dubstep music. All around are TVs playing reality shows and their smoothies are delicious. The main attraction, however, is the fish tank floors. If you get tired of watching TV you can simply watch the koi fish swimming beneath your feet. I had never seen something like that before.
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