Amsterdam Lounges Overview

Jimmy Woo - Club | Lounge in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a reputation for being chill and relaxed, and the lounges in Amsterdam not only live up to that reputation, but bolster it with a number of great venues all over town.

Different than the brown bars and coffeeshops, Amsterdam lounges run the gamut from simple and budget-friendly to high-end and lavishly expensive. The myriad lounge options aren’t limited to any area in particular as exclusive hotspots, chill hangouts, and cocktail havens can be found in the Red Light District, Rembrandtplein, De Pijp, and Leidseplein – amongst others.

Lounges in Amsterdam are great alternatives to booming clubs, raucous bars, or smoky coffeeshops, and whether you want to impress a date at a swanky cocktail spot, play some pool with some buddies, or just have a chill and relaxed night with friends in a setting where you can hear each other talk, the city’s lounges are the perfect escapes.

So check out all the great lounge options on Party Earth, find the right setting for your personality, and kick back, relax, and sip some intricate cocktails at all the great lounges across the city.

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