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Trouw From the creators of Amsterdam's former hotspot Club 11 comes Trouw, an industrial and heavy techno venue as hard-hitting as the original. Amsterdam Holland 52.3546642 4.9120513
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Trouw - Club | Restaurant in Amsterdam.
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Party Earth Review From the creators of Amsterdam’s former hotspot Club 11 comes Trouw, an industrial and heavy techno venue as hard-hitting as the original. Once a newspaper printing house, the club underwent minimal renovation that enhanced... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Club: Th–Sa 10pm–5am
    Restaurant: Tu–Sa 5:30–11pm (Tu–Sa 4–11pm in the summer)

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Trouw Review

The Scene

From the creators of Amsterdam's former hotspot Club 11 comes Trouw, an industrial and heavy techno venue as hard-hitting as the original.

From the creators of Amsterdam’s former hotspot Club 11 comes Trouw, an industrial and heavy techno venue as hard-hitting as the original.

Once a newspaper printing house, the club underwent minimal renovation that enhanced the raw factory theme with a touch of urban stenciling, street-style patterns, high-tech club lighting, and an impressive sound system.

A maze of stairs and old shop rooms, now used as coat checks and smoking nooks, leads the hip guests to the main dance chamber, where the best DJs in town keep them moving to the beats.

An upstairs area provides a bird’s-eye view of the DJs on stage as they rile up the energetic crowd dancing amid the fog and vibrant laser lighting.

Trouw clearly caters to stylish electronic fans who really appreciate the music and the rugged vibe, without being overly pretentious. Instead, a sociable and fun-loving atmosphere prevails that makes the club a great choice for a cool techno experience not found anywhere else in the city.

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Tip from Jonah:

Although this club isn’t exclusive per se, the bouncers at the door are there to make sure that the crowd they do let in is more laid back and truly appreciative of the music. They’re pretty lenient as long as the performance list is something you’re interested in, but mobs of guys looking to get loaded or street crews looking for trouble will be turned away.

  • Crowd

    Hip young professionals and some students for live music nights, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Local and international DJs spin deep-driving and unorthodox house, techno, and other electronic offshoots.

    Live bands on Thursday nights provide an alternative to the heavy DJ beats.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    A unique menu of global cuisine changes seasonally and features dishes like crab tacos, crispy pork with sticky rice, and grilled chicken with tahini sauce. On club nights, the kitchen offers a late-night menu of burgers and sandwiches, served until 2am.

  • Prices

    Cover charge €15. Vegetable dishes served with rice €7.50–€9.50, fish of the day €15.50+, tapas €3–€5.50. Beer €2.50–€3.50, wine €3.50–€6, mixed drinks €7.50–€8.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Smart clubwear.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays bring in a heavy student contingency for live music nights, while weekends draw a slightly older urban crowd.

Trouw User Reviews

Average rating:
This place is really awesome. They host a lot of great parties.
Rene R. Jun 12, 2013
Trouw is a superb location on the edge of Amsterdam, located in the trendy and youthful nightclub, which is a popular place to celebrate both local young people as well as tourists.Servise is friendly.
Trouw Amsterdam
Vicențiu D. Jun 6, 2013
Word has it that Trouw carries all the ingredients to become one of Europe's most prominent venues: great soundsystem, industrial ambience, amazing line-ups and a prize-winning smoker's area to boot. Trouw (Dutch for "true") has quite a standard to live up to. Its predecessor, built on the eleventh floor of Amsterdam's old postal office, was internationally rated as one of Holland's best venues for quality electronic music. Its closing was regarded as a great loss to the city. So expectations were high when I took the subway to the new location at the south end of town. Queuing outside the old newspaper building, I couldn't help but wonder if any part of this architectural mishap could work as the proper surrounding for a club. But once inside, I marveled at the club's rugged yet classy interior. Like any decent nightclub, Trouw has invested a large amount of its time, money and effort into the soundsystem. It simply sounds amazing. Not to mention that they recently got a 24-hour pass, so that means the Amsterdammers are going to be able to party longer. Decoration-wise, Trouw has minimal content written all over it. Little has been done to cover up the concrete walls confining the venue from its residential surroundings. An austere DJ booth is set in front of the stage, placing the DJ at eye-level with his crowd. The elongated space is split by a broad stairway, fencing off the restaurant from a rectangular dancefloor. Only a handful of moving heads are hanging from the ceiling and some white light projections are beamed at the walls. This back-to-basics approach has created the ideal setting for a post-credit crunch night crawl. Definitely be sure to pit-stop at the restaurant inside as well for a good burger or veggie delights and a laid-back atmosphere!
An alternative to Leidesplein
Alexandra C. May 25, 2013
An unsuspecting building in the East end of the city, you would never expect it to host internationally renowned trance talent- and that's all part of the allure. Trouw is basically one giant concrete enclave, filled to the brim with techno and trance lovers. Everyone is young, trendy, and full of energy, ready to dance all night. Sometimes there's video DJs playing alongside the music, and this is something you don't find elsewhere in the city on such a large scale. If you're on a budget, try to get there before midnight; entrance on a regular night can jump from 8 euro before midnight to 20 after. But it's worth it if you're looking to fulfill your idea of an "Amsterdam all-night party".
Let the Night Turn Into Day
Grace B. Apr 2, 2013
This restaurant-cum-nightclub is the home of a former printing press, with walls that were fortified to keep the machinery noise in and not disturb the neighborhood. This is why you can't hear the bass of Trouw until you're actually inside. The long, concrete walled room is almost exactly what you'd picture an underground European club to look like, with minimal lights and a crowd bobbing to the thumping beats. If you're in search of serious, yet off the beaten path electronic music acts, Trouw is usually where they set up shop for the night. Just this year, Trouw was one of the few venues to be awarded a 24-hour license to operate within Amsterdam. So if you're looking for the night-into-day-back-into-night experience that you might get in Berlin, Trouw is where it can happen.
Always a good nite
Mokum G. Dec 12, 2012
MokumGroupie loves Trouw because they're organized, approachable, innovative, and willing to cater towards an eclectic group of music lovers. This isn't our typical Berlin pump club, though I'm sure some people see it that way. It's more of an elite establishment for music that's new wave before it's labeled a genre. Come Thursdays for the real trendy stuff on the live concert scale, and come weekends for the hardcore techno. Sundays are a mixed bag of laid back alternatives. So you really can't lose here. It's a haul if you don't know the city. But honestly not far from the centre. And in the end easy to get to.
And I'm not even a techno head
Amster M. Dec 12, 2012
Trouw is great for so many reasons, and I'm not even a big electro person. The reputation is key, as the former Club 11 minds fused this project together. And since it won't be around forever, and is just a long-term pop up venue of greatness, everyone is committed to going here. Actually, the night I found out Michael Jackson died was while I was waiting in line to work for PARTYEARTH here. The woman with the clipboard who let's people in and out had announced it to all of us, and it released a solemn note to all of us. Regardless, you really need to make it out here if you're looking for the ultra Europa music experience. You won't regret it.
Get Your Dance On!
Allison H. Sep 3, 2012
While in Amsterdam, all I ever heard about Trouw was that it was new hip club to go to, so obviously I had to go! The first night I went, Green Velvet was DJ-ing. When we got there the lines outside were so long. But luckily we got tickets ahead of time, so we didn't have to wait! The music was great. The venue was packed. The building is super industrial looking, since it was an old factory building. The main room is outlined with benches and other raised platforms that make it great to see, especially when you're short like me. The front stage was packed with people dancing, my best friend included. The vibes are chill. We were all there to have a good time and dance to great electronic music, which is exactly what we did! Definitely a great club to go to when in Amsterdam.
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