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Jimmy Woo Posh and elegant, Jimmy Woo is one of the hottest clubs in Amsterdam and attracts a chic, sophisticated clientele that fits right in with the lush décor. Amsterdam Holland 52.3648332 4.8824208
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Jimmy Woo - Club | Lounge in Amsterdam.
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Party Earth Review Posh and elegant, Jimmy Woo is one of the hottest clubs in Amsterdam and attracts a chic, sophisticated clientele that fits right in with the lush décor. The tongue-in-cheek premise is that the club is actually Jimmy Woo... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Th/Su 11pm–3am, F–Sa 11pm–4am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Jimmy Woo Videos

United Stripes Champagne Party
United Stripes Champagne Party
Exchange Party
TW Steel Promo Party
Performance at Jimmy Woo

Party Earth Jimmy Woo Review

The Scene

Posh and elegant, Jimmy Woo is one of the hottest clubs in Amsterdam and attracts a chic, sophisticated clientele that fits right in with the lush décor.

Posh and elegant, Jimmy Woo is one of the hottest clubs in Amsterdam and attracts a chic, sophisticated clientele that fits right in with the lush décor.

The tongue-in-cheek premise is that the club is actually Jimmy Woo’s home, and a glass door at the entrance affords an intimate view of the fictional Mr. Woo’s bedroom.

Upstairs, an exotic Asian theme is combined with trendy touches of black couches, cozy booths, and an exquisite bar glowing with fluorescent purple lights.

Although the side booths are usually occupied by well-dressed groups working on ice buckets filled with bottles of champagne and vodka, the room’s centerpiece is an exclusive seating area situated on a brightly-lit platform and secluded by thin, intricate dividers and sheer curtains.

The relaxed vibe continues until 1am, when the sociable crowd begins to wander downstairs. There, a second bar lies adjacent to a gigantic dance floor where patrons dance under the incredible effects of the twelve thousand white light bulbs in the ceiling.

The buzzing energy, lively clientele, and impeccable, luxurious environment make Jimmy Woo one of the most exciting places in town to see and be seen.

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Tip from Adriana:

The downstairs club doesn’t open until 1am, so everyone congregates in the upstairs bar before then. If you arrive early enough, you can grab a great seat on the half-circle couches and watch the other beautiful people slowly trickle in.

  • Crowd

    Stylish local crowd, mid-20s to 30s, with a smattering of visitors and prominent figures.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin a mix of hits including house, urban music, and techno on one of the best sound systems in Europe.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food, but an extensive cocktail menu. The doormen can be selective.

  • Prices

    Cover charge €10–€12. Beer €3, wine €4, cocktails €9, mixed drinks €7.60, bottle service €65+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Smart casual or dressy clubwear.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays around 1am.

  • Close By

    Across the alley is Jimmy Woo’s separate cocktail bar, Suzy Wong. Smaller but with the same upscale Asian design, Suzy Wong hosts DJs nightly and offers a list of exotic cocktails.

Jimmy Woo User Reviews

Average rating:
something to do whilst in Amsterdam
Marge D. Nov 18, 2013
For your first night out in Amsterdam you should definitely check out the Jimmy Woo. it is spacious enough to have a good time DJ's are really good their, i met a lot of different people that makes it an even better time. The VIP area is a should try area especially if you gonna have a group of friends for your birthday. if you want to have an nice time in a fancy surrounding with different people from different countries and good music then you should definitely check Jimmy Woo out guaranteed a good time!!!
Just one word: Style
Alessandro R. Jul 29, 2013
Cool and fresh style club. You can find different kind of people, dancer, dressed up men, students, photographers, artists etcetera: the touch point is that all these people are fancy. You can find different type of music too, from hip-hop to dance. Drink are quiet expensive but of normal prices considering the centre position. Good ones for beers. At Jimmy Woo you can have a very beautiful night meeting lots of people. At Jimmy Woo there are no real rules, you can do whatever you want, just do it with style.
"I like house music, because I like to dance."
Brandon E. Dec 20, 2012
My buddy and I surveyed some locals during the day about where we should visit as two out-of-towners (I American he Canadian) looking for the best time possible. Even though we were absentminded at the time (local customs), the name Jimmy Woo's surfaced often. So after finishing a bottle between the two of us, we made our way over to this esteemed Jimmy Woo establishment. It was a Saturday night when we got to the door. A line sprawled around the corner so we had to wait and make some small talk with the locals. The line progressed quickly despite there being a passcode to get in. Before we got in, some locals told us to repeat after them. Okay, easy enough. However, my drunk buddy decides to go rogue and give his own response. I had to audible, say he was from out of town and preceded to repeat after the locals "We like house music, because we like to dance." Presumably this passcode changes and is a variable depending on the night. After getting in I found the club to be a well above average place to drink, socialize, and dance. There were multiple floors each comprising of their own unique type of music. Somehow (whatever means you wish to believe we did) we managed to get bottle service at a table. The rest of the night became a blur, but what I took away was Jimmy Woo is a place to visit no matter where you are from. The crowd was diverse, we found that it was not full of loud, obnoxious tourists. The age ranged from 20-30 (some cougars raised the age range). Overall, a great time--had I remembered more I would rate it even higher. When in Amsterdam... @theBengelCat
Poshy around Leidse corner.
elina s. Dec 11, 2012
Jimmy Woo is knows as one of the posh and fancy places to go clubbing. It is one of these places where bopys and girls stand in line, all glamorous, waiting to enter. The club is well known for its decor (light bulbs on the ceiling) and the 'chill'a rea on the first floor. After their renovations they tried to make the club fancier and made room for more VIP tables. Unfortunately, this is not so inviting for a drink. Thankfully on the other hand, downstairs is where it all happens. Jimmy Woo has had many different events and party themese throughout the years. One of my favorites is the less expected ones: the hiphop and mixtape friday and sunday nights. Where a crowd of interesting artistic people gathered and combined blacklight-tatooing with a vodka lime and some fierce dancing. Don't let the club's reputation fool you, and keep an eye on the upcoming events if you are looking for something special. If not, the regular saturdaynight will give you the right impression.
You could do better
Amster M. Dec 9, 2012
I gotta say that the decor of Jimmy Woo before their transformation was pretty fitting to its theme, it's vibe and its overall mission. The latest remodel job looks decent, but it doesn't carry an extra "umph", although it is unique and one of a kind. Besides that it's still a top-notch destination for those looking to indulge in the high life of Amsterdam clubbing. The downstairs is still, and probably always will be, where it's at in this place. There's something about it that just makes you feel like a million bucks and ready to tear it up. I guess if you want to feel special on a whim, dress up and get here.
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