Amsterdam Jazz Clubs Overview

Badcuyp - Jazz Club in Amsterdam

As in all great cities, if you’re looking for good jazz, all you need to do is walk the streets and listen for the smooth trumpeting sounds coming from dingy dives down deserted corners. The Amsterdam jazz clubs and bars are no different and while you can find that smoky haunt in a back alley, you can also find great jazz halls with perfect acoustic pitch.

Jazz clubs in Amsterdam really do run the gamut from big to small, and pristine to gritty. The biggest, nicest, and probably most well-known club is Bimhuis. This club/concert hall that sits on the Ij River is one of Amsterdam’s architectural masterpieces and hosts the biggest name jazz musicians and groups in the business.

Another great Amsterdam jazz haunt, although this of the more dimly lit and dingy variety, is Jazz Café Alto. This smoky Leidseplein staple has hosted three generations of jazz greats and has lured in celebrities like Chet Baker, Bill Clinton, and Liza Minnelli.

For jazz mixed with blues, there’s the Bourbon Street Blues Club, also in Leidseplein, which is a straight out of New Orleans joint that has seen the likes of Sting and ZZ Top perform on its illustrious stage.

Whether you’re looking for famous and elegant or down and dirty, there are amazing jazz clubs all over Amsterdam that will get all your toes officially tapping.

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