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Canvas op de 7e From the glazed wood-pattern dining tables to the colorful pieces on the walls, every painted item at Canvas is for sale, a nod to the owner's vision of a club and restaurant that also functions as a work of art and a gallery... Amsterdam Holland 52.3536248 4.9122382
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Canvas op de 7e - Art Gallery | Club | Restaurant in Amsterdam.
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Party Earth Review From the glazed wood-pattern dining tables to the colorful pieces on the walls, every painted item at Canvas is for sale, a nod to the owner’s vision of a club and restaurant that also functions as a work of art and a... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–Th, Su noon–1am, F–Sa 11am–3am

  • Recommended as:

    • Day Spot
    • Night Spot

Party Earth Canvas op de 7e Review

The Scene

From the glazed wood-pattern dining tables to the colorful pieces on the walls, every painted item at Canvas is for sale, a nod to the owner's vision of a club and restaurant that also functions as a work of art and a gallery...

From the glazed wood-pattern dining tables to the colorful pieces on the walls, every painted item at Canvas is for sale, a nod to the owner’s vision of a club and restaurant that also functions as a work of art and a gallery all rolled into one.

The seventh floor of this former newspaper building has long housed artist studios and offices, and the addition of Canvas has only increased the venue’s popularity to include a clientele of young art lovers looking to dine and dance.

With its stark white background painted over with vibrant black designs, the restaurant and club itself represents a large canvas teetering on the edgy, urban side of artistic style, while the rotating exhibits on the walls add a splash of color and keep the décor fresh.

Once the creative clientele has finished perusing the current gallery, they can also admire a lovely view of Amsterdam either from the restaurant’s vast windows or from the vantage point of the spacious terrace.

Canvas stays busy all day as patrons stroll in for coffee meet-ups, casual lunches, and relaxing dinners, but once the kitchen closes, the unique motif tables are pushed aside to make room for the dance floor.

The nighttime club action draws a hip young crowd that clamors for the affordable drinks, then either hits the floor to move to the DJ’s beats or congregates on the comfortably worn sofas in the small lounge area.

Laid back and open-minded, the patrons are as welcoming as Canvas is – and no doubt this club is a place to party and find inspiration, whether it be from the artwork, the music, or the cocktails.

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Tip from Emma:

Check out the photo booth in the back corner – for €1 you can take home a classic photo strip as a souvenir. Be aware that a webcam is also set up, so an online audience might be watching!

  • Crowd

    Young creative artists and open-minded students from around the city, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin a variety of music depending on the nightly theme, but usually house, funky soul, and danceable electro.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Lunch and dinner menus offer sandwiches, salads, burgers, and pasta.

  • Prices

    Cover charge €5–€10/F–Sa and €5/monthly Su event. Snacks €3.50, sandwiches €5, salads €6.50–€7.50, entrées €13.50–€16.

    Beer €2.50, wine €3, cocktails and mixed drinks €7.50, specialty shots €3.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual to smart casual.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Weekend nights are hot, while the Tuesday cocktail nights draw a crowd for the special deals.

Canvas op de 7e User Reviews

Average rating:
You wanna get high?
Grzmisław R. May 18, 2013
Nowadays everything seems going down. The economy is down, Felix Baumgartner jumps down, meteors fall and explode in Chelyabinsk. Hell, even Amsterdam is below the sea level! And yet, in this rather flat landscape, you can get high in the sky. And it's not pot. Canvas is a place on the 7th floor of a building on Wibaustraat 150. You can't miss it, it's the first seven-floor building you come across when coming from Waterlooplein. Once in the building, help yourself to the lift on your left down the lobby. When you arrive upstairs, the doors open to a sight of happy, drunk people dancing and walking about. You enter and see a dancefloor full of people moving to a great set by a drum'n'bass dj. So you turn around and see a huge variety of drinks available at the bar and you order a beer. Then you realize it's cheap booze here! 2.50 for a bottle of Grolsch is the best offer I came across in this city (so far)! But Canvas has an asset that others don't. The terrace. A view of Amsterdam rarely available to tourists aside from this place. The setting sun is a perfect setting for a joint before you hit the dancefloor. The atmosphere of creativity denses. Aside for the dj's one might get in for a treat of seeing a small fashion show. The guests step aside to make a catwalk for interesting, yet not so comfortably looking dresses on absolutely interesting looking models. Yep, Canvas op de 7e is definitely where are parked my car.
View from the 7th floor
Marta B. Feb 19, 2013
Have you ever noticed that Amsterdam consists mainly of short buildings? Have you ever wondered if there is a place that would offer a nice view of the entire city? No, it is not an Open Public Library, I am thinking about Canvas, club/bar, restaurant and an exhibition spot in one. It resides on the 7th floor. Where to find such a tall building in Amsterdam? The answer is Wibautstraat, the old Volkskrant building, opposite from the trendy club – Trouw. Day or night, winter or summer (plus for an open huge terrace), every time the view fulfills the expectations. Canvas has an underground atmosphere with colorful graffiti decorating the walls, simple couches, wooden tables, old radiators and bathrooms. The way to enter seems like an invitation to some kind of a squat. Big windows, plenty of space due to high celling filled with the ventilation pipes adds the lofty and artsy feeling to it. Canvas is a great place to get drinks, especially on Tuesday nights with cocktails for 5 euros. Although more expensive, the Canvas signature is the Strawberry Cheesecake cocktail is worth spending these 7,5 euros. If you are more interested in visiting Canvas to grab something to eat: lunch or dinner, the food menu is also impressive. With some of the basic sandwiches diversified by mixed in nice combinations, the range of spices, sauces, and dinner meals composed of carefully put together ingredients enrich the menu cart. The price range for the main dishes doesn’t go over 15 euros. The staff is helpful, friendly and willing to give you some advice on the choice of food or cocktails. Tuesday nights start out with he eccentric DJ Marcel Barlag, an older man playing his vinyls with a bike set in front of the cozy couches. But to get the feel of a real club party, take a look at the agenda. On the weekends the tables are removed and the space turns into dance-floor. To get more information on how to get there, the menu or the agenda, visit their website.
great view and atmosphere in the East
Stéphanie T. Dec 13, 2012
Canvas is another cool hangout place in the east of Amsterdam. Located on the top floor of the former building of one of the most popular Dutch newspapers, Canvas has a terrace and one of the best views of Amsterdam. The place is laid back, the staff is easy going and super friendly, just like patrons. Food is pretty tasty too and not too expensive. The place turns into concert hall or club after dinner hours. Might be rock music, cocktails night, street art exhibition or another roller skating party, you don’t get bored at Canvas! Totally worth the ride, check it out!
Great dip into local music and urban creative vibe
Mokum G. Dec 5, 2012
MokumGroupie's first ever event was at Canvas. We didn't know what to expect. And our artist wasn't the trendiest catch. But the ladies dug her. And our concept was cool (turning a venue into a living room). And in the end they were happy with the turnout. Now we're working on another gig for next year with street art, and they're keen on everything. The peoples at Canvas/Roest/Basis are true supporters of the city's arts and music scene. It doesn't take much to figure it out when you walk in. And things stay cheap mostly. Solid place for new years eve party as well. The fireworks are an amazing sight to see.
Well worth the trip for fun, easygoing creatives
Amster M. Dec 4, 2012
Absolutely awesome. These guys are just the best thing Amsterdam has going at the moment. It's run by a group of laid back creative young people who are positive, open minded, and really up for hosting many different events even if it's just once. They started a pub quiz this year, and even though my Dutch is awful I came, teamed up with some Dutch buddies, and we wound up winning the entire quiz that night! Bar tab covered! Thank goodness for the "name that cartoon theme song" round, or else I would have been a useless American addition. Worth the trip, great view, vibe, etc.
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