Amsterdam Cafés Overview

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There are so many great things to see and do in Amsterdam that it can be hard to find time to experience the whole city. Sometimes, however, it’s worth taking a step back, finding one of the many Amsterdam Cafés, and relax with some coffee as the city passes you by.

Cafés in Amsterdam take on many different shapes and sizes. Starting off, there are the cafés that double as Brown Bars, 16th- and 17th-century-era smoky taverns named for their dark wood interiors. At these spots, the scene is focused more on nighttime mingling and hanging out, drinking beers, and good conversation with friends.

There are a number of cafés that feature live music like Jazz Café Alto, Café Sound Garden, and Skek to name a few. Here, patrons can relax with some drinks while listening to toe-tapping tunes or acoustic licks on a nightly basis.

Finally, there are just simple cafés where Amsterdammers can retreat to at any time of the day for brunch, lunch, early happy hours, coffee, or just a place to chat with friends and maybe read a book.

In looking for a café in Amsterdam, your options are definitely not limited, so check out all the great options on hand at Party Earth.

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