Sports Bars in Amsterdam

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Coco's Outback - Pub | Restaurant | Sports Bar in Amsterdam.

Party Earth Review Amsterdam’s only Australian pub and a haven for sports fans, Coco’s Outback boasts seventeen flat-screen TVs and two big screens that show any number of games from five or so different sports channels. The décor is classic Aussie pub with the requisite rustic furnishings, stuffed game mounted on rugged walls, and typical ... more


Thorbeckeplein 8-12
1017 Amsterdam

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Belushi's Bar - Lounge | Restaurant | Sports Bar in Amsterdam.

Party Earth Review The ground floor hangout and lobby for St. Christopher’s Inn and an offshoot of The Winston club next door, Belushi’s Bar is a popular gathering spot for guests of the Inn as well as travelers and expats just passing through for a good meal and a refreshing drink. Spacious and inviting, the bar offers an easygoing, international ... more


Warmoesstraat 129
1012 Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Sports Bars Overview

Coco's Outback - Pub | Restaurant | Sports Bar in Amsterdam

As in most European cities, the denizens of Amsterdam are passionate about their sports. And whether they’re rooting for AFC Ajax, or one of the other teams across multiple disciplines, there are great sports bars in Amsterdam to cheer, cry, or commiserate in depending on the match’s outcome.

Of course football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the city, and there’s no better place to catch a match than at one of the many Amsterdam sports bars. Most of the bars have a number of things in common: bar food is almost always greasy, the clientele is usually really passionate, and there are invariably a number of TVs turned to multiple games every day.

One of the most popular sports bars in the city is Coco’s Outback. Sports lovers flock to this Australian pub every day of the week to catch international games and matches on one of their seventeen TVs and then stay later for a wild and crazy drinking scene. Another great sports bar is Belushi’s – the establishment has venues all over Europe and is always known to have the game on.

No matter what sport you’re into, be it football, basketball, rugby, or cricket, there are plenty of sports bars in Amsterdam to ensure you’ll never miss a goal, basket, scrum, or charge.

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