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Wynand Fockink - Drinking Activity | Historic Bar | Tour in Amsterdam.

Party Earth Review An old-fashioned Dutch liqueur distillery and tasting house in business since 1679, Wynand Fockink is an entertaining place where patrons can still take part in a unique Dutch drinking tradition. Snazzy shot glasses of sweet, bitter, strong, and/or fruity liqueurs are filled to the rim and lined up on the bar – and the ... more


Pijlsteeg 31 & 43
1012 Amsterdam

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In 't Aepjen - Historic Bar in Amsterdam.

Party Earth Review Legend has it that In ’t Aepjen – the first bar built on the first established street in Amsterdam – was a favorite party place in the 1500s among sailors who paid their tabs not with coins, but with “exotic treasure” – in other words, monkeys. What started as a joke between a barman and a sailor grew into a rumor, so much ... more


Zeedijk 1
1012 Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Historic Bars Overview

Wynand Fockink - Drinking Activity | Historic Bar | Tour in Amsterdam

There’s nothing quite like stepping into a bar with a deep-rooted history, where the stains and stories of booze and drinkers fill the air. The historic bars in Amsterdam are no exception, with incredible haunts going back hundreds of years.

Historic bars are great for many reasons. They often have wild, crazy, interesting, outlandish stories associated with them. There are usually anecdotes from famous patrons of bygone eras. And they’re often the progenitors of renowned drinks.

In 't Aepjen is one of the best Amsterdam historic bars with roots dating back to the 1500s. And although it’s hard to spell (and pronounce – in het aaapp yen), the bar got its name because sailors back in the day would pay their tabs with “exotic treasure” – usually monkeys – hence the name In the Apes.

Over in Dam Square is another timeless classic called Wynand Fockink. In business since 1679, Fockink is known for a Dutch drinking tradition in which customers lean over the bar and drink their shots without lifting them up.

If you know where to look, you can always find incredible historic drinking dens filled with classic drink concoctions, more classic stories, and classically good times in Amsterdam.

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