Amsterdam Brown Bars Overview

Proeflokaal Arendsnest - Brown Bar in Amsterdam

Named for their 16th- and 17th-century-inspired wooden decors, Amsterdam’s brown bars are some of the city’s most prized nightlife spots. Brimming with good cheer and old-world class, these laid-back hangouts perfectly suit the city’s charming demeanor.

That’s not to say that all brown bars are the same; in fact, brown bars in Amsterdam range from upscale destination spot to cozy neighborhood grotto. Café Proust, for example, aims for a classy chic crowd (no pun intended on its gun-shaped chandelier). Meanwhile, Whiskeycafe L&B acts as more of a connoisseur’s locale with its warm interior and incredible whiskey selection. Beer lovers can sate their thirst for Dutch microbrews at well-stocked beer bar ‘t Arendsnest, laughing and chatting over a goblet of some rare trippel, while in the Red Light District the student-run Skek provides everything from beer and wine to coffee and tea. In all of these places, though, the comforting wooden walls and pervading vibe of simpler times keeps patrons satisfied down to their souls.

Though they scream their city’s past in an almost antiquated way, Amsterdam brown bars aren’t just for tourists or old souls. All walks of life converge at these establishments, happy to soak up their sense of immortality, complete relaxation, and undeniable cool.

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