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Blijburg - Beach | Beach Bar | Café | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Amsterdam.

Party Earth Review Perched on a mound of sand on the edge of Ijburg – Amsterdam’s newest neighborhood and home to the city’s latest man-made beach – Blijburg is a popular hotspot for young city dwellers in search of a nearby oasis for sunbathing and partying. The beach itself overlooks expansive canals and lagoons ... more


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Beach Bar / Club / Outdoor Activity / Restaurant

Woodstock 69 - Beach Bar | Club | Outdoor Activity | Restaurant in Amsterdam.

Party Earth Review Possibly the most popular spot in Bloemendaal aan Zee, Woodstock 69 is a picturesque party house overlooking the beach, and has a casual, island-style lounge. Colorful mosaics decorate portions of the outer walls by the sun deck, where patrons can lounge on a bed to soak up the rays or sink into a couch or bean bag ... more


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Amsterdam Beach Bars Overview

Blijburg - Beach | Beach Bar | Café | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Amsterdam

It’s sometimes easy to forget that Amsterdam is a harbor city, and it’s very rare to think of it as a beach town. Still, Amsterdam’s beach bars provide a refreshing break from the symphony of stone and wood that is the city proper, and attract a fun-loving clientele inclined to party.

Both located a short ways out of the center of town, the main beach bars in Amsterdam, Blijburg and Woodstock 69, rest on the model of As Many Good Times As Possible. Both hangouts have sandy beaches, island-style cocktail lounges, and distractions ranging from bean bags around outdoor fire pits to small stages for beach-side concerts. But what makes these beach bars especially fun is the crowd that frequents them – a good-natured collection of fun-loving and attractive young professionals looking for a carefree day in the sun or a few rounds of volleyball in the sand. And though there isn’t much of a “meat market” atmosphere here, there is electricity in the air.

Amsterdam’s attitude coupled with a beach surrounding is both refreshingly different and wholly appropriate, making Amsterdam’s beach bars a worthwhile visit for those looking to step out of the city’s shadow for a brief moment.

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