Fur Nightclub

Fur Nightclub Fur Nightclub in Capitol Hill is a packed 18+ Washington, DC megaclub with tons of private rooms. Hurry up & go to Party Earth for more on this DC club. Washington, DC United States 38.906388 -77.008019
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Fur Nightclub - Club in Washington, DC.
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Party Earth Review Though located in a rather obscure part of DC that’s hardly dripping – or even moist – with nightlife options, Fur Nightclub manages to draw in big names and bigger crowds. Sure, patrons will find the requisite aren’t... ... read full review

  • Metro:

    Red Line: New York Ave-Florida Ave-Gallaudet U

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  • Hours:

    F 10pm–3am, Sa 10pm–4am. Times may vary depending on event

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Fur Nightclub Videos

DJ Pauly D | Gel, Diamonds, Music (GDM) | Glow Washington DC, Fur Nightclub
DJ Pauly D | Gel, Diamonds, Music (GDM) | Glow Washington DC, Fur Nightclub
Benny Benassi | Club Glow DC @ Fur Nightclub Washington DC
Tiesto, GLOW @ FUR Nightclub Washington DC
De La Ghetto en VIVO @ Fur nightclub Wash Dc 11/6/09
DJ pauly D at FUR night club !!!!!
Bikini Fashion Show - Fur Night Club - Washington, DC
Armin Van Buuren at FUR Nightclub
ATB @ Fur nightclub, 27.December.2008 part.1

Party Earth Fur Nightclub Review

The Scene

Fur Nightclub in Capitol Hill is a packed 18+ Washington, DC megaclub with tons of private rooms. Hurry up & go to Party Earth for more on this DC club.

Though located in a rather obscure part of DC that’s hardly dripping – or even moist – with nightlife options, Fur Nightclub manages to draw in big names and bigger crowds.

Sure, patrons will find the requisite aren’t-you-a-little-old-to-be-here types, but with four dance floors, seven bars, and two mezzanines overlooking the mad revelry – as well as several VIP nooks and a calendar of DJ heavyweights like Armin van Buuren and Tiësto – there’s enough room for electronic fans from skeevy B&T-ers to Georgetown socialites.

Thirty-foot ceilings add even more height to the sunken main room, which is where most guests spend the evening once they get past the doormen/fashion police. Also called the Arena, the space quickly becomes a sea of fist pumps, flashy projection screens, and explosive neon lights as headline DJs take to the raised stage.

House dancers in barely-there attire keep the tight mass of young music lovers enthralled, but dapper Dons looking to impress their dates enjoy an array of quieter choices – many with their own private bar – from elevated sky boxes to glass-enclosed hideaways built to see (through) and be seen.

Guests who need a breather or a puff on a hookah can head to the heated patio that often has its very own DJ.

With so many rooms and room for so many people, Fur Nightclub can be as intimate or crazy as guests want it to be, promising a wide range of debaucherous clubbing options.

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Tip from Emma:

Before heading out, check out the website for discounts and/or free passes to the club. The only downside is you have to arrive early because the admission deals usually end by 11pm, so you’ll need to be through the doors by then.

  • Crowd

    Varies based on the headline DJ, but usually many college-aged clubbers, house/trance/hip-hop fans, DJ followers, moneyed internationals, groups of dolled-up party girls, guys who could probably stand to consult a financial advisor, and the scattered awkward older dude, mostly 18 to late 20s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Headline DJ on main stage. Additional DJs usually spin on Fridays and Saturdays in various rooms, including on the patio.

    Friday music tends to be Top 40, mash-ups, house, club, and hip-hop, while Saturday tends to focus on bigger-name performers spinning everything from techno to trance.

    Multiple projection screens, neon light shows, and scantily clad house dancers wearing little more than dental floss.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food. Hookah services on the heated patio and Mink Lounge. Several private rooms. 18+ most nights, though special events can be 21+.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $20–$50. Beer $4–$6, cocktails $10–$15. Bottle service $300+. Hookah rental $20+. Coat check $5. Valet $20+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Classy yet risqué: button-downs, collars, blazers, cocktail dresses, tight skirts, pumps.

    No boots, tennis shoes, sneakers, hats or headgear of any kind, baggy clothing, long shirts, white t-shirts, logos, labels, hoods, athletic wear, jerseys, tank tops, camo, ripped or torn clothing.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    The club is only open two nights a week, but Saturdays almost always see the venue near its 2,500 capacity as world-renowned DJs take the stage.

  • Close By

    Right around the corner is Ibiza DC Nightclub (1222 1st Street NE), another megaclub that caters to a mix of 18+ and VIPs and is especially known for its nightly events.

Fur Nightclub User Reviews

Average rating:
Could be good, Could be Bad
Megan W. Jun 10, 2013
FUR is hit or miss. Some nights they have the top and bottom floors open, and its so jam packed that you can barely walk through the crowd without having to get super aggressive. But then there are some nights where only the top floor is open and that can go one of two ways. It may be jam packed, or it might be a ghost town. Even the DJ's are hit or miss. They'll have a good playlist going and then will ruin the mood by playing some shit that didn't go with what was previously being played. You'll feel like you're bi-polar. One minute you'll be turnt up, dropping it and getting low, having the time of your life, and the next second you'll be looking around like where the fuck am I? Oh yeah, and ladies, FUR is creep city. I have never seen so many old men in the club in my life. And they are going to ask you to dance, and when you refuse, they are going to dance anyway. But hey, the drinks are wet and they do the job. So therefore, good times.
Lions Tigers and FUR
Mais A. Jun 9, 2013
At first glimpse you might think your walking on set of a Tim Burton movie. With dark streets and alleyways and rundown warehouses. Then it hits you,the ground thumping from the bass, the diversity of the crowd outside, and the lights that lets you know you have arrived. If you are trying to just chill or if its during a special venue you are bound to have fun.
Fur Nightclub
Elizabeth W. May 9, 2013
This 18 and over night club is fun, chic, and exciting! The young urban crowd a upholds a high-energy atmosphere that will have you dancing for days. Book a private event to grant any occasion a memorable night, or just bring a date and party the night away. Weather you're sipping on a cosmo, dancing, or puffing the hookah, Fur Nightclub is sure to delight! Grab your dancing shoes and head on over!
Chuck T. Mar 28, 2013
I came to Fur Nightclub to see Waka Flocka Flame and I tell you, I had a great time! If you are into Rap and hip-hop this is the place to be. Nice looking women were everywhere and the music was on point. I had the chance to be in the VIP area up stairs and the bottle service was great and fast. They have sparklers on every bottle they serve. If you want to smoke, they also have a spacious smoking area outside. At the end, there were a few minor fights but security was quick to stop the situation from getting worst. Overall, I had fun.
Barstool Blackout is a MUST
Roslyn G. Mar 25, 2013
A few of my friends and I were able to go to Barstool Blackout which is where you wear neon colors and dance the night away with your friends. The DJ was fantastic and the tickets were cheap too! Barstool comes two times a year and tickets are around $25. There was plenty of room to dance though much later it got crowded but you were always able to dance with someone! They also a smoke machine and have a person dressed in a smurf costume dancing on stage. Eventually, everyone was able to get on stage and dance later as well! The bathrooms were pretty clean and you can always take a break since they have a large entrance.
Surprisingly fun
Christina W. Dec 11, 2012
I usually really hate nightclubs, but Fur Nightclub surprised me. I went with a bunch of friends to see ATB do a live DJ set, and we got super cheap tickets via some sort of promotion in advance. And of course, the set wasn't until midnight, so we spent 2 hours just dancing and trying to enjoy ourselves. The drinks were super overpriced and it was sweaty and crowded (with an unnecessary abundance of creepy men trying to hit on us), but ultimately I had a decent time. The pop music upstairs was fun if you were in that kind of mood, and downstairs there was techno if you felt like totally letting loose. I don't think I would go back except for a special event, but it was a pretty good time nonetheless.
Sandy S. Aug 17, 2012
The first club I visited when I stepped foot into the US was Fur Nightclub (for better or worse). The first thing that hits you is the size of the place which is massive to say the least, they have several rooms playing different music but the best place to be at is the main stage if you somehow manage to be here on a weekend. Fur is an okay nightclub falling in a shady part of the DC neighborhood. For the number of times I have been there, I have not heard of any incidents on the street but its definitely not Georgetown! The one thing that makes this place great is that they manage to get all the top DJ's from around the world. If you are into electronic music and you happen to be situated in DC then you should thank your stars as you have the option of catching all your favorite DJ's play here even though sometimes the tickets are ridiculously expensive ($40 upwards). Check their website and follow them on Twitter as you might be able to get some free passes that way which you can then spend on buying some expensive drinks inside Fur. All in all if you are in your 20's and love electronic music, this is a pretty good place to be at as the quality of the performer will overcome everything else.
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