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We voted and chose bi-partisan drinking for all!

	Madam's Organ Blues Bar


Dan's Café

Dive Bar

Dan's Café - Dive Bar in Washington, DC.

Bar / Club / Restaurant

GrandCentral - Bar | Club | Restaurant in Washington, DC.
Madam's Organ Blues Bar

Bar / Live Music Venue / Restaurant

Madam's Organ Blues Bar - Bar | Live Music Venue | Restaurant in Washington, DC.

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Nov 9, 2012 —  Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, unite! It’s time to set your differences aside and march on down to DC for something everyone can agree upon: Party Earth’s Capital Crawl.

Downtown Washington might be famous for its iconic landmarks, but the Adams Morgan neighborhood is famous for its iconic bar scene, and that’s just where we’re taking you. A dense mass of loud bars, clubs, and music venues means that the weekends become a rowdy show of barhopping college kids and young professionals needing to blow off steam. There is such a reputation for debauchery along 18th Street that the corridor has been dubbed “The Liquoridor”.

But if the sheer amount of choice seems overwhelming, there’s no need to write your congressman asking where to go, because we’ve organized four destinations for one night that is sure to be the most patriotic bar crawl ever:

Stop #1: At the bottom of 18th Street, hidden behind the façade of boarded up windows, is Dan’s Café, a shanty dive with booze prices that can’t be beat, making it the best place in town for a pregame. We aren’t quite sure why they call it a café, since Dan’s doesn’t serve any food, but with the absence of burgers they’ve been able to transform the squeeze bottles usually reserved for condiments into liquor-filled weapons of mass obliteration. So gather your friends around your glasses and bucket of ice, and start concocting your dollar a pop shooters – if you ask us, those are some seriously subsidized prices.

Stop #2: After you’ve started the night off with a bang at Dan’s, take a stroll north on 18th Street to the goliath bar of GrandCentral, named after New York City’s famed train station. Checkered floors, barreling ceilings, and painted stone walls keep the décor true to its namesake, but instead of travelers, this three-story DC venue is a crossroad for raucous drinkers. Multiple dance floors fill up with coeds avoiding cover charges as inexpensive beer flows from the taps. Once you’ve sufficiently had your fix of this Grand Central replica – frankly we prefer this one to the real one – hop on the train to the next stop. Time for departure? Hammered o’clock.

Stop #3: Head across the street from GrandCentral, put on your beer goggles, and dive into the Reef, a tropical-island themed behemoth of a bar. Drunken partiers step off the streets of the urban jungle and into a rainforest themed first floor where DJs blast dance music for those wanting to let their animal instincts loose and get down and dirty. The second floor’s coral reef décor, topped with a live aquarium, will have you and your friends navigating through the wild crowds to request some Xzibit while you sing “we underwater drinking liquid by the gallons”. But for the real attraction of the Reef, grab a few more cocktails and come up for air at the rooftop patio, where you can hang out, refresh, and people-watch as the hordes stumble down the street below.

Stop #4: There’s no place better to end a crawl in Adams Morgan than Madam’s Organ Blues Bar, the capital’s most diverse, full-fledged booze fest. Everyone from ex-frat boys to hip artists to aspiring politicians (no pictures please) flock to this three-story house of hedonism for live music, bumping and grinding, lounging, and mingling. Bands take the stage on the first floor while the second and third levels provide more space for those wanting to meet and greet or catch up with friends. You know the night is a success once you’re arm in arm yelling The Star-Spangled Banner from the rooftop deck of Madam’s, which is indeed the land of the free-for-all.

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