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  • Sports Bar

    The Pour House - Sports Bar in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review It was born a Pittsburgh bar, but while Steelers fans still find lots of black and gold here, The Pour House has broadened its gaming appeal, making it as popular for Skeeball and trivia nights as it is for football. The bar’s expanded horizons attract sports lovers, staffers, and college students all week, whether it ... more

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  • Historic Bar / Hotel Bar / Lounge

    Off the Record - Historic Bar | Hotel Bar | Lounge in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review It’s a never-ending battle of donkeys vs. elephants in the District of Columbia, but Off the Record, a chic lounge in the basement of the historic Hay-Adams hotel, brings both parties together for a cordial cocktail after an exhausting day of work. Located a block from the White House, this venue’s name is no accident ... more

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  • Bar

    Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar - Bar in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review Marked only by a single light above its door, Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar is a neighborhood haunt catering to anyone in the mood for three-dollar beers, loud rock music, and oceans of vibrant purple décor. Once inside the main room of this tri-level violet catacomb, a young and unpretentious crowd enjoys everything ... more

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  • Club / Lounge

    Midtown - Club | Lounge in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review A fashionable four-story club discreetly tucked away on Connecticut Avenue, Midtown springs to life every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as throngs of party-ready clubbers line up in hopes of getting past the pea coat-clad bouncers. Those who make it through find themselves in a flashy neon-lit room that contradicts the ... more

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  • Irish Pub / Irish Restaurant / Live Music Venue

    The Dubliner - Irish Pub | Irish Restaurant | Live Music Venue in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review Catty-corner to historic Union Station, The Dubliner is a family-owned Irish pub that has been serving up nightly Irish bands, authentic Gaelic grub, and gallons of Guinness since 1974. A large sidewalk patio entices groups of casual tourists or guests at the adjacent Phoenix Park Hotel to fuel up on traditional country ... more

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  • Bar / Restaurant

    McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon - Bar | Restaurant in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review Though the name might elicit images of a quaint Irish pub, the DC college crowd knows McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon is the sort of place where people may enter sober but rarely leave that way. Five bars over two floors entice hordes of newly-legal kids, who flood in most evenings to pound bottle after bottle (after bottle ... more

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Government may be run by only two parties, but the bars and clubs in Washington, DC are not so limited. Battalions of politicos, staffers, and commuters – who double the city’s population daily – flood the streets and cram into bars all over town to celebrate that most happiest of Happy Hours.

Dupont Circle is well-known for its high-end drinking dens catering to lawyers and lobbyists in need of some swanky nightlife, but at the same time attracts all types to its surplus of sports bars, quaint taverns, spacious pubs, and gay bars.

College kids crush the infamous 18th Street strip in Adams Morgan to go wild, while Georgetown – despite the privileged pedigree of its residents – shelters everything from glitzy bars to timeless saloons. And then there’s the up-and-coming H Street Corridor and ever-popular U Street, both lined with themed haunts, craft brewpubs, and bare-bones dives.

Although visitors will meet people from all walks of life in DC watering holes, the international vibe is even more apparent in the higher end bars and clubs and lounges, with moneyed embassy dignitaries, wealthy diplomat kids, and foreign jet-setters squeezing their way into the most exclusive red-roped venues in Dupont, and powerbrokers dancing to power ballads Downtown or in Georgetown.

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