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  • Bar / Restaurant

    Masa 14 - Bar | Restaurant in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review Inside the sparsely-decorated and industrial-sized space that makes up Masa 14, flocks of trendy urbanites gather to enjoy small plates, late nights, and bottomless brunches. A brick wall lined with rows of empty tequila bottles near the entrance highlights the venue’s minimalist vibe, and simple veneer tables fill most ... more

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  • Lounge / Restaurant

    Science Club - Lounge | Restaurant in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review With its sign barely visible above the brownstone building’s doors, Science Club looks more like a historic hotel than a funky cool den of eclectic DJs, healthy eats, and solid drink specials. There are no secret laboratories to support the bar’s name, but its weekday Happy Hour – 11am to 8pm and ... more

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  • Hotel Bar / Lounge

    Bar Dupont - Hotel Bar | Lounge in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review A respite from the boisterous weekend crowds of college kids piling out of the metro a block away, Bar Dupont in The Dupont Circle Hotel is ideal for quiet evenings or a stylish slow start to the night before hitting a nearby club. Light lounge music plays overhead as guests arrive through the street entrance, first passing ... more

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  • Bar / Comedy Club / Restaurant

    The DC Improv - Bar | Comedy Club | Restaurant in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review Ever since DC native Dave Chappelle and budding comedienne Ellen DeGeneres took the stage at The DC Improv when it first opened in 1992, the comedy club has remained the city’s premier spot to catch quality stand-up. Hosting a mix of well-known and local talent, the basement venue draws a steady stream of tourists and anyone ... more

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  • Sports Bar

    19th - Sports Bar in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review Although 19th has a subtle golf theme, this cozy neighborhood bar doesn’t discriminate when it comes to sports – and its décor suggests that drinking games are a better team activity anyway. Vintage alcohol signs take up much of the turf-green walls, commingling with placards bearing tried-and-true axioms like, “Beauty ... more

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  • Bar / Karaoke Bar / Restaurant

    The Brass Monkey - Bar | Karaoke Bar | Restaurant in Washington, DC.

    Party Earth Review A collective of five separately-named venues under one owner, and all joined by connecting stairways, The Brass Monkey is a labyrinth of entertainment where the amount of alcohol consumed on each floor tends to blur the boundaries between each establishment. The joint’s namesake space on the ground floor is actually an ... more

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Government may be run by only two parties, but the bars and clubs in Washington, DC are not so limited. Battalions of politicos, staffers, and commuters – who double the city’s population daily – flood the streets and cram into bars all over town to celebrate that most happiest of Happy Hours.

Dupont Circle is well-known for its high-end drinking dens catering to lawyers and lobbyists in need of some swanky nightlife, but at the same time attracts all types to its surplus of sports bars, quaint taverns, spacious pubs, and gay bars.

College kids crush the infamous 18th Street strip in Adams Morgan to go wild, while Georgetown – despite the privileged pedigree of its residents – shelters everything from glitzy bars to timeless saloons. And then there’s the up-and-coming H Street Corridor and ever-popular U Street, both lined with themed haunts, craft brewpubs, and bare-bones dives.

Although visitors will meet people from all walks of life in DC watering holes, the international vibe is even more apparent in the higher end bars and clubs and lounges, with moneyed embassy dignitaries, wealthy diplomat kids, and foreign jet-setters squeezing their way into the most exclusive red-roped venues in Dupont, and powerbrokers dancing to power ballads Downtown or in Georgetown.

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