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Venice Festivals Overview

Carnival of Venice 2018 - Arts Festival in Venice

The biggest festival in Venice is without question Carnival (Carnevale in Italian), which normally begins in late January or early February and burns the Venetian candle for ten straight days. During this time, everyone dresses up in vibrant costumes and masks and participates in massive street parties that line the blocks.

It might not be as famous as the one in Cannes, but the Venice Film Festival in August is still very highly regarded by industry insiders and avid fans alike, while July’s Redentore Festival features rather intense – at least in spirit, less so in speed – gondola races and a massive firework display afterwards. The Redentore can make for a very romantic night as well, thanks to the hundreds of boats moored in the canals decorated with beautiful glowing lights and colored balloons.

Less frequent but equally popular Venice festivals include the Venice Biannual Festival, which takes place every other year and hosts the display of hundreds of pieces of art in public spaces all across the city, as well as the Festival of the Four Republics in Venice, an art and music festival for which Venice shares hosting duties with Almafi, Genoa, and Pisa.

You won’t find a festival on every corner or on every day in Venice, but this stunning little city doesn’t need to show off anymore than it already naturally does.

Videos of Venice Festivals

Carnevale di Venezia / Carnival of Venice 2011
0:00 / 0:00
Carnevale di Venezia / Carnival of Venice 2011 11,958 views
Carnival of Venice (1) 131,380 views
Venezia Jazz Festival - Angela Milanese 4et - campo Bella Vienna a Rialto, 1° agosto 2012 37 views
Venice Film Festival 2011: Madonna arrives for W.E. premiere 19,016 views
Stars arrive for Venice Film Festival opening 6,899 views
Venice Carnival 2008 - Part 1 121,048 views
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