Events in Venice can often be highly tourist-oriented, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun or that there aren’t plenty of other parties and local festivals to enjoy.

Carnevale in February is a helluva show, and the world’s largest and most famous masked ball. It’s also an excuse for bands to play live music, acrobats to put on a performance, and folks to dress up in their most elaborate fashions.

Things to enjoy in Venice aren’t relegated to one month, of course, as major theater venues like Teatro Italia always have a great event on the schedule, three casinos await to empty your wallet, and a large number of bars with live music blanket the San Marco and San Polo districts.

Venice is also known for its shopping, especially in and around Piazza San Marco where everything from high-end fashion boutiques to small stores selling Venetian glass handicrafts line the picturesque streets.

And then there’s just spending an evening strolling along the canals, which is a signature Venice event in itself.

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