Kimberly T.

Kimberly T.

Hoboken, New Jersey

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Feb 21, 2013
Bar / Restaurant
Feb 21, 2013

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  • West End Bar & Grill

    New York
    Bar / Restaurant
    West End Bar & Grill - Bar | Restaurant in New York.
    Feb 21, 2013 SOME UNIQUE FEATURES, BUT STILL NOT STAND-OUT "If it could put some of its layout flair into its menu, West End Bar & Grill could be more than a meh. Three big-screen TV's line the walls, one interestingly against the entrance awning. That allows people seated at tables a view of a TV. I don't see many bars offering TV time to the customers not churning a tab, but this one did, thanks to the positioning of the TV by the entrance. So, West End gets a point for that. The bar setup was different -- old school, swirly stairwell shelving for the bottles, against a pretty mohogany wood and yellow lights. But after that, the AWESOME BOTTLE gets empty. Unless you're big into typical burgers, chicken, and steak dishes, you won't find much variety here. The menu included wine and beer pairing suggestions for different meal options and threw in a few creative cheeses to some plates (goat cheese, pepper jack). But you may be stuck with bunny food if you eat more than fur and fins. I shelled out $9 for an appetizer that tasted decent, but the plate was too small to warrant its price tag. The staff was friendly and allowed for small meal substitutions (sweet potato mash in place of veggie chips), but I found myself having to be creative in ordering around standard menu options to give my meal a little color. I was surprised when I got my bill and saw that I had a breakdown of "suggested gratuities." Based on my bill, someone did my math for 15%, 18%, and 20% tips. I'm sure it was all intentional to encourage the high generosity. But it was still nice to take a break from numbers, since my brain shuts off at Happy Hour. West End gets the job done, but only if you're not picky or trying to impress anyone. Its dim lighting makes it look closed from the street view, and unfortunately, if you knew what was inside, you wouldn't stop to check the hours.." hide

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