James K.

James K.

Gloucester, Gloucestershire

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Jul 22, 2013
Erotic Show
Jul 22, 2013

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  • Casa Rosso

    Erotic Show
    Casa Rosso - Erotic Show in Amsterdam.
    Jul 22, 2013 Charming, Erotic and Sensual!!!! "Charming, erotic and naughty!!!! Three very appropriate words to describe Casa Rosso located in the glorious and culturally dense red light district in Amsterdam. Some would say that this experience should be considered seedy and dark due to the nature of the events that are displayed within this cabaret style club. However, it is quite the opposite, Amsterdam's red light district named De Wallen has contributed to the dutch capital's label of "erotic capital of the world". For this reason it is acceptable to indulge in some "light" erotic pleasures here whether you are single "with the lads" or with your respected other half. It is often regarded as a regular on people's bucket lists as a must do before you die!! For the skeptics out there that are still not convinced, let me continue and provide a little feedback on the actual event. As well as the venue being clouded by a misty red and amber glow reflected from the lights and dark waters of the canal, it is surrounded by onlookers and passers by who are entranced by the taboo feeling pulsating within their hearts, "do we, don't we?" whispers echo around the red light district. The event itself is obviously erotic with a small opera house feel filled with a great sense of positive anxiety and enthusiasm. Drinks are offered at a charge and can be enjoyed during the event, it is far from seedy as the performances are almost put across to the audience as forms of art and professionally performed. When the anxiety of the room passes, a classy atmosphere is replaced and this atmosphere is ensured for the duration of the event. You leave the venue feeling romantic, but also like you have achieved something great and experienced a grand cultural element of a great European capital city.....Amsterdam." hide

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