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Mar 8, 2013
Landmark / Outdoor Activity / Square
Mar 8, 2013

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  • Harvard Square

    Landmark / Outdoor Activity / Square
    Harvard Square - Landmark | Outdoor Activity | Square in Boston.
    Mar 8, 2013 The Real Heart of Massachusetts "No matter where in the world you travel, you'll never find a place quite like Harvard square. It is the perfect mix of classic and trendy. With its assortment of dynamic bookstores, museums, and historical cites, students seldom have to leave the area for academic resources. And why would they want to?! Its social scene is pretty impressive as well. Its wide variety of trendy bars, cafes, nightclubs, and boutiques makes it so that you can explore the square on any given night and be sure to have a good time. My favorite place to go in the square is Daedalus, a restaurant just minutes from the heart of the square where from gorgeous rooftop seating, you can see the wide range of street performers and small groups of livened audiences far down below. Harvard Square truly is an amazing place. It is unique in that there is something for all ages and places to go for every kind of personality. There is really no way you can go to Boston without taking the subway's Red Line just a few stops outbound to visit this eclectic little square." hide

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