Grace B.

Grace B.

Dunedin, New Zealand

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Dec 7, 2013
Concert Venue / Music Venue
Dec 7, 2013

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  • Brighton Music Hall

    Concert Venue / Music Venue
    Brighton Music Hall - Concert Venue | Music Venue in Boston.
    Dec 7, 2013 My favorite place for a show "Considering myself a concert junkie, I've been to a plethora of shows in many different cities. Out of all of them, Brighton Music Hall is the one that stands out in my mind the most. The perfect size to be an intimate venue, good vibes and dancing become a guarantee. The entire staff is nice (once I got there early and a security guard gave my friend and I some baked goods that he makes the entire staff before shows!), it is relatively clean with a bar, seating along the side, and pool tables in the back should you care to play. As a college student, I appreciate the affordable price of tickets as well. I have yet to see a bad show here, tending to go to their bluegrass, folk, and jam band acts that they often have come through. In fact, for any of the shows I've been to I've never known the artist but just bought the tickets because they were coming to Brighton Music Hall and seemed like a fun gig. If you get the chance to see a show here--bring some friends, dancing shoes, and get ready to groove!" hide

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