Dustin P.

Dustin P.

Fairfax, Virginia

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Feb 11, 2013
Dive Bar
Feb 11, 2013

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  • Dan's Café

    Washington, DC
    Dive Bar
    Dan's Café - Dive Bar in Washington, DC.
    Feb 11, 2013 Things Can Get A Little Weird... "Dan's Cafe didn't invent the dive bar, but they have surely capitalized on the best way to serve the college crowd. Located in Adams Morgan, this bar is anything but elegant. Upon entering the sullenly white building, you become aware that this is not your average Friday night watering hole. The overcrowded bar is jam-packed with customers waiting to get their hands on Dan's Cafe most endearing commodity -- the squeeze bottle. Instead of the traditional delivery method, this dive has opted to serve their mixed drinks in a more sensible manner. Whatever your mixed drink is, they will serve it to you in a good old fashion ketchup bottle. Be warned, the bartender has a heavy hand. You will literally spend the night squirting yourself and friends shots, eventually leading to an all-out squirt battle in which you give up on the shot glass and begin squirting the high- powered drink straight into your mouth. The tricky part is making sure you leave while you can still walk. The bar is equipped with seating around the bar, and tables and booths on the main floor. However, during the busy hours you will most likely have to squeeze to find a place to sit. If you are looking for something to do while you drink there is a pool table and a jukebox. Good luck getting on the pool table, and the jukebox only works some of the time. Overall, Dan's Cafe is great place to start your night. It is a simple, no BS- type of place that will make you laugh when you realize how ridiculous the concept is. * This bar is cash only and does not serve food, so come prepared in both respects. Females, I would advise you not use the restrooms in the this joint! " hide

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