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Amanda F.

Astoria, New York

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Jun 14, 2013
Culture / Outdoor Activity / Park
Jun 14, 2013

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  • Central Park

    New York
    Culture / Outdoor Activity / Park
    Central Park - Culture | Outdoor Activity | Park in New York.
    Jun 14, 2013 Central Park -- Something for everyone "The fact that New York City is internationally known for Central Park is for good reason. The Park offers something for everyone who treads its many paths. For nature lovers, Central Park serves as a welcome green oasis in the midst of a chaotic metropolis dominated by steel and concrete. For athletically-minded New Yorkers, the Park offers many trails for the purposes of running and biking, without the danger and chaos present in the city streets. The Park’s lush patches of grass provide ample space for couples to lounge and get to know one another. For students, the Park offers many welcome distractions. I attend Hunter College, which lies just a few blocks from the Park. On particularly nice days, it is not uncommon to note a precipitous drop in class attendance. Professors joke that most of the absentees are cutting class to spend time in Central Park, and they’re probably right. The Park offers a great environment for both studying and forgetting all the schoolwork that’s due. When exploring the Ramble, the Park’s wooded landscape, it’s incredibly easy to forget that you’re strolling through Manhattan. The seclusion offered by the trees and the rugged, meandering trails exude a Pocono feel. Though the Ramble doesn't offer the same selection of wildlife that you'd find in an actual forest, the Park offers not one, but two zoos--one of them is a designated children's zoo--with a great selection of animals to marvel at. Travel to the Loeb Boathouse between 74th and 75th Street to rent a rowboat or gondola with which to glide across the expansive lake that the Boathouse overlooks. Belvedere Castle, which was built in 1869 by a co-designer of Central Park, offers stunning views of the Great Lawn to the north and the Ramble to the south. The National Weather Service records and broadcasts the Park’s temperatures from the castle’s tower. The Central Park SummerStage, held at Rumsey Playfield from June through August each year, offers tons of free performances. This list of attractions is by no means exhaustive. Visit the Park's official website to view the full list ( Perhaps the most charming aspect of Central Park is that it offers something for all of those who visit. Take the trip and you’ll undoubtedly find something to do. " hide

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