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DNA Lounge Looking for the best DJ events and club nights at DNA Lounge in San Francisco? Check out Party Earth for top-rate DJs spinning all night long at this amazing club! San Francisco United States 37.770984 -122.412736
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DNA Lounge - Nightclub in San Francisco.
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INFO DNA Lounge is an all-ages dance club in San Francisco’s SoMa district that offers late-night dancing, live music, and DJs nearly every night of the week. Opened in 1985 in a space previously occupied by the... ... read more

DNA Lounge Videos

Anamanaguchi Live @ DNA Lounge SF
Anamanaguchi Live @ DNA Lounge SF
DECAPITATED @ DNA Lounge SF, CA 10/11/11
April 7th, 2011 @ DNA Lounge SF: The Glowing Stars- 'Don't Stop Me Now'
DJ Jazzy Jeff 2.24.11 DNA Lounge - San Francisco, CA Part 1
waking wander @ the DNA Lounge (San Francisco)
FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE @ DNA Lounge in SF, CA 10/11/11 Part 2
Brand X Nuclear Burn/Cambodia @ DNA Lounge San Francisco 3-25-93
Triptych Tour - DNA Lounge S.F - 10.27.11
Hallucinogen - Live at The DNA Lounge, San Francisco, 2001
Triptych Tour - DNA Lounge S.F - 10.27.11

DNA Lounge Information

DNA Lounge is an all-ages dance club in San Francisco’s SoMa district that offers late-night dancing, live music, and DJs nearly every night of the week.

Opened in 1985 in a space previously occupied by the leather bar Chaps, DNA Lounge was founded by Jim English, Jeff Mason, and Brian Raffi. The venue featured mostly DJs and some live bands and was famous for the variety of music it offered. After being sold in 1994, the club enjoyed a few years of success before falling into disrepair. Current owner Jamie Zawinski purchased the venue in 1999 and immediately began renovating it.

DNA Lounge is outfitted with a large stage for live bands and DJs, a bar at the other end of the room, an expansive dance space in between, and a wrap-around balcony overlooking the main floor. The next-door space, called Above DNA, offers another stage and dance floor. This side venue is often used on its own or for private events, but is merged with the main stage for larger events.

As of late 2012, DNA Lounge has also merged with a 24-hour pizza restaurant and café. The venue provides free online webcasts of all its events.

DNA Lounge User Reviews

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Movie Magic Club
Britt E. Aug 30, 2013
Went to a Bootie SF night for a friends birthday. This club exceeds all my expectations. It was movie magic on the dance floor. Everyone was dancing, it was packed, the music was dead on. It was a night my whole crew will remember forever. The kind of night where no one took a phone out cause they were so busy in the moment. IMAGINE THAT!!!
Something for Everyone
Austen F. Aug 8, 2013
DNA Lounge is a dance club--and then some. The venue, which frequently wins Best of the Bay's "Best Club Night," is known for its theme parties. There's Bootie SF, a night given over to mashup DJs, as well as more esoteric events that feature Trap, EBM, and other genres. The club also hosts live music, from national acts to hometown heroes. Throw in a few dance competitions and burlesque shows, and you've got a sense of what this place is about. The Lounge also plays host to Death Guild, the oldest continually running goth night in the US, where you can find die-hards in fishnets, club kids, and curious first-timers mixing it up on the dance floor as grizzled Industrial veterans look on. The main floor consists of a stage, bar, and large dance floor, while upstairs a balcony makes the perfect place to take a break from dancing and watch the action below. Two entrances link the balcony to a smaller, more intimate room with its own dance floor, bar, and DJ or live band. As if this wasn't enough, the club is connected to a 24 hour café and pizza joint next door. Why leave? THE VERDICT: Try it; you'll like it. And even if you don't, you can grab a slice on your way out.
You want options, DNA Lounge has 'em
Sage C. Apr 6, 2013
I was pleasantly surprised when I showed up to DNA Lounge for a Limousines concert (sort of electronic alternative music) about a month ago. First off, I was hungry and thinking that I desperately needed to eat something before the show started or we might be in for a long night, so I was stoked to find a pizzeria attached (and a 24-hr one at that). The staff was pretty friendly and patient with us while we scoured the options (including a range of vegan to stacked meat pizzas). In the end, we decided to let our pockets drive our choice, after all we had to afford beer during the show, and went for cheese and pepperoni. It was decent pizza, not anything to rave about really, but it was good with a beer. While we ate, I grabbed one of the flyers off the table and studied the up-coming events. That's when I realized that I'd been hearing about this place for years without even realizing the name of the venue. They host different events on certain nights of the week and friends of mine had been coming to their Bootie SF (a mash-up dance night) and Death Guild (goth night) forever. They seemed to do a little bit of everything, showcase a ton of the local scene and be a unique place for all kinds of people. The extra-fun part was that they have decorated the pizzeria walls with posters of past events and bands, so we passed the time before the show seeing who had played there and who we had seen before. Then we went into the club. The tickets were fairly priced (I think about $15) and I'd seen the Limousines a few times before, so I was excited. We ordered drinks (a little pricey for my standards, but I'm an avid happy hour enthusiast) and then went upstairs to the balcony to people-watch until the Limousines' set started. It was like a show before the show. It was clear that DNA Lounge draws an awesomely diverse crowd. There were definitely DNA regulars milling about, along with Limousine fans and a few very interesting dancers. The balcony was the best place to hang around and watch it all go down. We chatted it up with some San Franciscans that said that they come once a weekend, regardless of what is going on and it's always like that. We watched the opening acts from here too and the sound was great upstairs, so we headed down to floor level for the main event. The way the stage was placed, you could have stood anywhere and had a great view and a good time, but we found the perfect position right next to the stage on the left side. I think what really made this show was the people around us; the Limousines are a local band, so they have a little bit of a following and the people around us were really enjoying themselves. There was lots of jumping, dancing, loud singing, beer consumption and just general nightlife fun. This was easily the best venue I've seen them perform in, and the best show. The sound was good from where we were and the lighting was fun. The band seemed to be having a good time, so I was definitely a happy audience member. All-in-all, I would definitely go back. I am looking forward to the next Saturday that I can get up to the city and go to Bootie to get my dance on!
Blow Up!
Rachel G. Nov 21, 2012
This is such a weird and awesome venue. I only come here for Eva and Jeffrey's Blow Up! so much freaking fun! This is one of the coolest nights to come to DNA Lounge. You will see some of the freshest and weirdest styles in the city. This is where the unique and weird fashionistas come to hang out and sip on fancy cocktails. Another plus of this place is there is a pizza place attached to the venue that's open 24 hours! Amazing. That is probably the best part of that because everyone could use a slice of pizza after a night of heavy heavy drinking and dancing the night away.
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