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Partying in Rome: The Alternative View of the City's Social Scene

Villa Borghese in Rome.

Villa Borghese in Rome.



Hookah Bar / Lounge

Sciam - Hookah Bar | Lounge in Rome.

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Jun 13, 2012 —  What an amazing sensation it is to party in a place of such immense historical significance. Rome and its people obviously take pride in their culture and history and do a great job of incorporating both into the nightlife scene.

Whether you’re chatting in a café in front of the The Pantheon or sipping wine in the center of Campo de’ Fiori, it’s just mind-blowing to stop and think about what was going on at these places thousands of years ago.

The best part of the city’s scene is the population itself, since the open and outgoing nature of the people fosters a fantastic conversational atmosphere and makes it easy to meet new people. This conversation culture is especially prevalent in the alternative and indie scenes in gritty neighborhoods like San Lorenzo, the university district where students and artists get together to play music or debate the issue of the day.

And although Rome may not have the biggest music scene in the world, it’s really hard to top the combination of the city’s culture and all the free concerts and events that are held against such backdrops as the Piazza del Popolo and the Baths of Caracalla.

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