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  • Bar / Mexican Restaurant

    Cocorico - Bar | Mexican Restaurant in Rome.

    Party Earth Review A Mexican bar and restaurant outfitted with the expected collection of flags, sombreros, and rugs, the colorful Cocorico and its friendly staff attract an outgoing clientele of local students and young professionals. Although the ceiling painted with a night sky and the little balconies and mock windows that protrude from ... more

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  • Historic Bar / Italian Restaurant

    Necci - Historic Bar | Italian Restaurant in Rome.

    Party Earth Review Opened in 1924, Necci has enjoyed a several decades-long reputation as a chic retro bar and has recently transformed part of its space into a highly acclaimed restaurant serving homemade Roman cuisine. Although there is a homey 60s-style barroom inside, most of the venue’s seating is outside on two levels under a canopy ... more

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  • Restaurant / Rum Bar

    La Pinta - Restaurant | Rum Bar in Rome.

    Party Earth Review From the outside, La Pinta looks like any other student-centered bar in the neighborhood, brimming with patrons that crowd the entrance, fill the outdoor tables, and spill onto the sidewalk. Once guests finally shimmy their way past the chaos, however, they’ll find themselves in a kitschy nautical-themed restaurant and ... more

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  • Bar

    Ma che Siete Venuti a Fa' - Bar in Rome.

    Party Earth Review Established in 2001 as a football bar, the theme at the amusingly named Ma che Siete Venuti a Fa’ (What the Hell Are You Doin’ Here) was originally based on the two owners’ amicable rivalry between Rome’s two football teams, an idea still apparent in the collection of jerseys and scarves that line the walls next to posters ... more

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  • Bar / Restaurant

    Miscellanea - Bar | Restaurant in Rome.

    Party Earth Review A staple of Rome’s bar scene for over twenty-five years, Miscellanea is a casual and comfortable neighborhood hangout with a loyal following of both local regulars and international students. In fact, Miscellanea prides itself on taking particular care of study-abroad students, not only by providing a home away from home ... more

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  • Bar / Club / Lounge

    Anima - Bar | Club | Lounge in Rome.

    Party Earth Review A narrow, cosmopolitan lounge featuring a wide range of music and various theme nights, Anima attracts a diverse international crowd that keeps the place jumping late into the night. Gold gilt walls and huge chandeliers give way to a dance floor, bar, and lounge, while an upstairs seating area with comfy couches and day ... more

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Nightlife in Rome is invariably a slow bleed. Once denizens finish indulging in aperitivo and those who haven’t filled up on finger-foods have relaxed over a slow-paced dinner, the scene shifts outside to the streets and piazzas as the ever-fashionable partiers wander from bar to bar to indulge in their favorite pastime – animated conversation with friends against a picturesque backdrop of ancient walls and fountains.

And while the piazza hanging culture satisfies the party appetite for much of the population, those looking for a bit more action can take refuge in the small but energetic expanse of bars and clubs in Rome, which is centered on a few venues scattered around the city, as well as in a section of Testaccio that is fully dedicated to late-night clubs. On one winding street, Testaccio features lounges, live music venues, and bars that provide differing styles and sounds, from mainstream to edgy and from posh to rowdy.

Although some of the clubs close their doors during the summer, many others move operations to the banks of the Tiber River, where makeshift bars and clubs pop up to give partygoers a reprieve from the inner-city heat and yet another reason to dance the night away under the stars.

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