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Sudaara White



What is your favorite part of the job?

The most enjoyable part of the job has to be exploring different parts of the city. As someone who is new to the city, it’s always a pleasure to find exciting places. Paris is a city of details, filled with interesting quirks and endless history. This job gives me a reason to go out and discover Paris.

Short Story/Anecdote from your time on the job:

My first venue happened to be a very upscale location. My French isn’t the best, but it’s enough to get by day-to-day. Nervous about what to expect, I checked online for pronunciation of key phrases in French. After struggling with the hostess in my broken French, asking for the manager, she calmly replied in English. Feeling silly, I then had great conversations with everyone in English and they served me food and drinks all night. Needless to say, the tab was on them and I walked out a happy reviewer.

Which Party Earth reviewer(s) do you resemble most and why?

I would have to say that Emma and I would be friends in real life. I enjoy the simple things in life and still hang with the best of them. Emma seems like a girl that guys and girls can both appreciate for company. I like to consider myself to be one of those girls as well.

What is your perfect day in Paris? What are you doing and where are you going from morning to night?

I start my day out with a brisk jog in the Jardin Des Tuileries. Afterwards, I grab a pain au chocolat from Boulangerie Paul and head out to Montmartre for a picnic with friends. Soon after, I handle some light shopping in thrift shops in the Marais and then check out the Musée d’Art Moderne. I then head home for a quick nap and to refresh for the night and then call up some close gal pals and head out to Pershing Hall for some drinks and appetizers. To close out, I go to Chacha to dance the night away in a dark unobtrusive corner with my clique of Parisian girls.

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