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Natalie Placek


New York

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of working for Party Earth was hands down getting to discover awesome bars that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Often in New York, if you don’t have a game plan or don’t know the neighborhood, you run the risk of walking around aimlessly looking for a cool bar and a good time. Party Earth familiarized me with the city, and made loads of great bars super accessible.

Short Story/Anecdote from your time on the job:

With a lot of the swankier hotel bars I was assigned, I found that the PR teams were often reluctant to speak to me and a little dismissive. My bad luck with other NYC hotel bars had made me a little jaded, so I was thrilled to find that the staff at the Andaz Hotel and Bar Seven Five could not have been more accommodating or hospitable. Bar Seven Five is a great spot to begin with, but when you have both the hotel manager and restaurant manager feeding you free cocktails and champagne, the experience just gets that much more awesome. They even gave me a tour of their restaurant, Well and Water, and let me sample their excellent oysters and prosciutto. I left happy, tipsy, and dying to return.

Which Party Earth reviewer(s) do you resemble most and why?

I’m a Lucas-Adriana hybrid. I love good beer and a fun sports bar, but there’s nothing like a crazy night of dancing in New York City.

What is your perfect day in New York? What are you doing and where are you going from morning to night?

My perfect day is a football Sunday. I start with a little day drinking at brunch, then once I get tired of sangria, walk over to the Village Pourhouse for football and beer. There I’ll feast on smothered fries and $12 Pitchers of Bud Lite. After football’s done, I’ll hit up McSorley’s for a cheese platter, a McSorley’s dark, and a gritty time. If I’m in an in-it-to-win-it kind of mood, you can’t beat the atmosphere at La Esquina. Speakeasy, tequila, Latin dancing...what else can you ask for?

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